Ride My See-Saw by the Moody Blues

17 St Phillip Street –Part 7-

Bobby stood in the doorway of the parlor and heaved a long sad sigh.

Miss Jenny and Paul were watching Password.

Paul looked up at Bobby, “What’s the password Bobby?”


Miss Jenny: “You had to go an’ play with it, didn’t ya?”

“No, Miss Jenny! I swear!’

Steve stormed into the parlor, his face flushed with rage: Miss Bobby! My boss told me today that he had proof from your boss that you an’ me are queer!”

“Pictures is the only proof!’ snapped Bobby. “An’ if Nestor took pictures they will show him for queer too!’

Paul suppressed a grin. His eyes twinkled: “It doesn’t do to screw your boss, Bobby.”

Steve sat, dumbfounded: “Here I go getting you a job—an’ look what you do. I’m fired!” Steve pointed at Bobby. “You’re a disaster!”

Bobby: “You should talk about disasters with that music you listen to.”

Bobby did a mocking impersonation of Karen Carpenter: “jesssst like meeeeeh, they long to beeeeeh, close tew yeeeeeeeeew…aeeeeeeewwwww! If you listened to the Moody Blues you’d realize that nothing on this planet matters!”

“In theory,” said Paul.

Miss Jenny stared at Bobby in shock. “Bobby? This is the only planet we live on an’ on this planet we need money.”

Bobby decided to change the subject. “What did you do today, Paul?”

“I spent most of it consoling Steve.”

Bobby rolled his eyes: “You’re good at consolation.”

“Not as good as you at providing reasons for it.”

Bobby plead his case: “Nestor is lying! I swear I didn’t do nothin!”

Miss Jenny and Paul hovered over the inconsolable Steve.

Bobby was over it. “If folks is gonna bad mouth me I’m leavin’’

And when no one tried to stop him he did.

Classic Rock Magazine # 130 : Lost Tunes
The Moody Blues – Ride My See-Saw
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Story and image (c) Rob Goldstein 2016 All Rights Reserved



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