Lonely, but for fellow bloggers…

This is so painfully true.


It is hard to find people in this world who will try to understand just what PTSD is, let alone how it impacts your life.  Even people who love you are apt to know more about the president’s dog than PTSD.  Even if they read up on it, they may not understand it in an empathetic way since it is not something they experience.  There are days that I feel more understood by the cat than a dear friend.  (Of course, this is anthropomorphism — but heh, whatever gets me through the day… 😉 ) But, here at WordPress, I can find others who walk my path — who “get it” — because they are walking it too.  It may not be PTSD, but  instead depression, anxiety, OCD, DID, bi-polar disorder, or any number of mental and emotional health challenges.   But, we can understand each other because we have…

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9 thoughts on “Lonely, but for fellow bloggers…

  1. I sincerely wish your tribe will increase, Rob. This, our world, would be incredibly more beautiful, to use a well-worn, but true, phrase.

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    1. More people with DID? — 1000 people with DID, each with 12 alternates that’s 1200 right there…:)

      I don’t know if it would be a better place; it would certainly be more forgetful…:)

      (just in case you can’t tell..I’m being playful :))

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      1. I can tell! What is it again-“the more the merrier?”. It would be an incredibly colorful and fun place, i’ll bet. We only need look at politicians to know how a world peopled by “sane” people’s like, yes? Let’s not even look at the so-called religious😉🙄…..

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  2. Robert, few have understood me. Hard as I tried all my life to explain what I was going through to be put down, accused of unspeakable stuff, pushed aside and abused more. It takes courageous people like you to help us all understand, it is truly brave. Not having the language to explain whats happening to you is most exasperating for the very young. I lost a lot of my life because I just didn’t have the language, topped off with a grade 8 education put me at a huge disadvantage in life. Then when I pushed to overcome and succeed in life I got accused by some of being something else. We misunderstood people must ENDURE and OVERCOME with the help of each other. Love you Robert.

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