17 St. Phillip Street –Part Eight-

Art by Rob Goldstein
Bobby and the Inner Shrink

Bobby had what he called “The Inner Shrink”

The Inner Shrink is an older version of Bobby that visits when Bobby feels troubled.

Bobby didn’t think it was right for Paul and Miss Jenny to blame him for what happened to Steve.

Bobby didn’t make the laws and if he could he’d change them.

Bobby was furious that no one believed him.

He threw himself on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

Joe stared back.

Joe was a wall sized poster of a half-naked construction worker that Bobby
had pinned to the ceiling.

Joe leaned heavily into a jack hammer while gazing intently at Bobby.

Bobby closed his eyes and opened them in a sweet little apartment in New York.

Joe comes home all sweaty from work and the spaghetti boils over.

“You need to apologize to Steve.” It was the voice of “The Inner Shrink.”

The Inner Shrink looked a lot like Desi Arnaz.

17 St. Phillip Street
Desi Arnaz

Bobby crossed his arms over his chest: “I didn’t do nothin.”

“What matters is that Steve thinks you did.”

“Why’s that matter?”

The Shrink rolled his eyes and sighed.

Bobby: Ok. You’re right. Why am I such a jerk sometimes?

The Inner Shrink: Because you can’t know what you don’t know…but we’ll help you learn.

Bobby closed his eyes and returned to his sweet little apartment with Joe.

He wondered if Joe should strip before or after having dinner.

Then he went downstairs to the parlor to apologize to Steve.

17 St. Phillip Street
Joe gets ready for dinner

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