The Versatile Blogger Award


I am honored to receive the Versatile Blogger Award laurelwolfelives



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    1. I have a full head of silvery hair. It was once jet black..
    2. I have Brown eyes.
    3. I am a triple Scorpio which means that my Sun, Moon and Rising Sign are in Scorpio.
    4. I once studied to become an Operating Room Technician.
    5. I am almost six feet tall.
    6. I was first openly gay director of physical education ever hired by a YMCA.
    7. I once played Mr. Snow in the New London Connecticut theatrical production of Carousel.
    8. I first came to San Francisco as a tour guide from Hawaii.
    9. I’ve had two serious relationships in my life. The first lasted nine years and the Second is still going strong at 23.
    10. I am left-handed.-

      My Nominees are:

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