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I am honored to receive the Versatile Blogger Award laurelwolfelives



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    1. I have a full head of silvery hair. It was once jet black..
    2. I have Brown eyes.
    3. I am a triple Scorpio which means that my Sun, Moon and Rising Sign are in Scorpio.
    4. I once studied to become an Operating Room Technician.
    5. I am almost six feet tall.
    6. I was first openly gay director of physical education ever hired by a YMCA.
    7. I once played Mr. Snow in the New London Connecticut theatrical production of Carousel.
    8. I first came to San Francisco as a tour guide from Hawaii.
    9. I’ve had two serious relationships in my life. The first lasted nine years and the Second is still going strong at 23.
    10. I am left-handed.-

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48 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

    1. When I was younger I thought that reading the description of a sign affected one’s behavior. The psychology of it being that the description acts as permission to behave a certain way: thus I become ‘intense’ because that is the way I’m supposed to be as a Scorpio….

      But now I wonder…especially in view of quantum physics…if a given configuration of light and temperature and magnetic fields based on the configuration of the planets on the day of one’s
      birth affects the neurological basis of personality.

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      1. I’m a believer. We are very small compared to the universe. Maybe we can’t properly interpret the ways we’re affected, but I can’t imagine we’re not. My bassackwards way of sayin this is, “The moon controls the tide, so why can’t it affect you?” And then all the planets, all the stars, all the things we really don’t even know. But like I said, I’m a believer 😉


  1. A triple Scorpio…interesting. I have a Scorpio moon. I never felt in touch with my sun sign. Then I learned about the entire picture and it made better sense…

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      1. Dyslexia…I think I’m probably dyslexic because of all of the teachers in Charleston who thought being left handed was a mark of The Beast…some of them formed me to use my right hand…the result was the gift of bag….gab…:)


      2. I thought so but I wasn’t sure. You know, my granny told me that left handed people were the “devils’ children” and she used to smack me when I used my left hand. Thanks granny!

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      3. LOL…right…You’re from the South East, I think I remember reading that? There are wonderful superstitions in Charleston…one of these superstitions became a famous porn movie in the 1970’s; though the director changed the gender to female. In the low country they believed that gay men are anatomically different in from ‘normal’ men in a very special way. LOL…


      4. It’s not just in the South either. I learned phrases and words up North that I had never heard down South. Prejudice is still alive and well and there are a lot of folks out there who do seem to think we’re still “fighting” the civil war. It’s pretty remarkable to me.


      5. It is getting crazy, isn’t it? I don’t follow him but it’s on the news every morning…one more tussle or fight….I absolutely adore people who say what they think…there is SO much dishonesty in the world…and I hate to pass judgment….but is this guy nuts? He seems to be just getting more and more bizarre.
        I do think people are going to get tired of his antics, though.

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      6. The problem is that there is an entire media outlet that presents his supporters with a completely fabricated world based on the most rigid politically correct thinking I’ve ever seen. In this alternate universe, Obama is authoritarian, liberals want your guns so they can force you into homosexual re-education camps, and Benghazi is the greatest scandal and crime of the 21st Century.

        I happened to catch some dolt on Fox News who claimed that the violence was the result of ‘liberals’ coming to the rally to force their views on his supporters. He went on to say that ‘Conservatives’ don’t go to Hillary Rallies…

        In this alternate Universe adults are emotionally three.


      7. Fox news? UGH. My sister and her boyfriend LOVE Bill O’Reily. They record all of his shows. I used to tell them when they came to my house that Fox was not allowed on my television.
        You know, I don’t even know what I am…..liberal, conservative or something else…..I just believe in equality for all. Maybe that makes me crazy.

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      8. It’s frightening because now they blatantly lie…there is no attempt at objectivity or editorial constraint;

        They conservative media is in overdrive because for the first time in decades their agenda of creating a globe of sub-minimum wage slaves has real opposition.

        People from both sides of the political spectrum are sick of hearing that they are not working hard enough for people who want them hungry and desperate.

        God help them if the enraged right wing supporters of Donald Trump understood that they have more in common with the people of Black Lives Matters than they dare to let themselves know.


      9. I know….but those of us who actually give a shit are so in the minority…I just hate that my children are going to have to pay for what is happening to our nation.


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