Rich White Woman Leaves Kitchen! Incites Violence!

Ann Coulter: I’d like to see ‘a little more violence’ from Trump supporters.

In the world of  ‘Right Wing ideologues ‘ democrats who exercise their right to speak are ‘leftist thugs’.

Violent gun-toting semi-literates are “exhibiting manly temper” says the unmarried, childless career woman who owes the choices she has as a woman to the success of modern feminism.

Feminism is about giving women the right to make choices; inciting racist violence is Coulter’s choice.

And when the inevitable massacre happens Coulter will collect her speaking fees and call any connection between her comments and the murders committed in her name a ‘liberal smear’.

The Leadership of the GOP and the delusional members of its media outlets
seem to suffer from a case of collective pathological narcissism.

The narcissist seeks attention to fill the hole where her soul should be.

You’ll say anything for attention, won’t you, Miss Scarlett ?

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter late Sunday weighed into the debate over Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s increasingly physical campaign events, calling for “a little more violence.”

She suggested in another tweet that some Trump supporters are simply “exhibiting manly temper” at rallies, likening it to the stamina of U.S. Marines.

The Hill

First posted March 2016

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We need to protect the children of the world (to protect ourselves)

A powerful reminder of why we need to remain politically engaged.


There is one constant across all people, religions, and cultures. We love our children and want to protect them, nurture them and give them opportunity. Yet, we need to do a better job of protecting not just our children, but all children of the world. There are too many strident and zealous people who provide challenges to this goal. And, there is too much corruption among greedy leaders who stand in the way of helping.

Our missionary friend in Nigeria notes in his view the three greatest challenges we have are climate change, global poverty and global corruption. The latter seems out of place, but it is a major cause of disenfranchisement everywhere in the world, even in western countries. It stands in the way of getting resources and help to those in need and lays the groundwork for terrorist groups to find a way in to help. It is…

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“ever on drea street” by Harsubagh Khalsa

A few weeks ago I invited a friend and contact on Flickr to post one of his poems on my blog.

I invited him to post another one.

Today I present “ever on drea street” by Harsubagh Khalsa

Leaping spacester

flighting hobbits

brave station

i wait you

from some distant

pandered from the sun

ever on drea street

to see the mustard trails

dipping the tailed flagged on

the different hollar points

summing up the news briefs

Image and poem are the property of Harsubagh Khalsa.
(c) Harsubagh Khalsa All Rights Reserved


“the dooth pattern” by Harsubagh Khalsa