“ever on drea street” by Harsubagh Khalsa

A few weeks ago I invited a friend and contact on Flickr to post one of his poems on my blog.

I invited him to post another one.

Today I present “ever on drea street” by Harsubagh Khalsa

Leaping spacester

flighting hobbits

brave station

i wait you

from some distant

pandered from the sun

ever on drea street

to see the mustard trails

dipping the tailed flagged on

the different hollar points

summing up the news briefs

Image and poem are the property of Harsubagh Khalsa.
(c) Harsubagh Khalsa All Rights Reserved


“the dooth pattern” by Harsubagh Khalsa


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      1. yes, flickr is one of the first and probably one of the biggest yet not a place for posting poetry. that is why i am very grateful to Rob for letting me post a couple of my poems on his excellent blog.

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