Photo merge of Ann Coulters face on Scarlett O'Hara's body with the caption 'Our Blacks are So Much Better than their Blacks'

Rich White Woman Leaves Kitchen! Incites Violence!

Ann Coulter: I’d like to see ‘a little more violence’ from Trump supporters.

In the world of  ‘Right Wing ideologues ‘ democrats who exercise their right to speak are ‘leftist thugs’.

Violent gun-toting semi-literates are “exhibiting manly temper” says the unmarried, childless career woman who owes the choices she has as a woman to the success of modern feminism.

Feminism is about giving women the right to make choices; inciting racist violence is Coulter’s choice.

And when the inevitable massacre happens Coulter will collect her speaking fees and call any connection between her comments and the murders committed in her name a ‘liberal smear’.

The Leadership of the GOP and the delusional members of its media outlets
seem to suffer from a case of collective pathological narcissism.

The narcissist seeks attention to fill the hole where her soul should be.

You’ll say anything for attention, won’t you, Miss Scarlett ?

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter late Sunday weighed into the debate over Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s increasingly physical campaign events, calling for “a little more violence.”

She suggested in another tweet that some Trump supporters are simply “exhibiting manly temper” at rallies, likening it to the stamina of U.S. Marines.

The Hill

First posted March 2016

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28 thoughts on “Rich White Woman Leaves Kitchen! Incites Violence!

  1. You know that something has gone bad when you hear miss white America pushing for a return to the bad old days. And get listened to. And trying to destroy 150 years of progress.
    Just who is this c#€t? As much as I hate that word I hate racist warmongering people more. I would hope that normal decent citizens will see through DT, but then I remember that you gave us George W. Look how that turned out for us all! Bill sent a message that he wouldn’t be messed with so al Qaeda waited for GWB to get sworn in then attacked on his first 9/11 in office, why? It was years in the planning and could have been carried out at anytime but they waited for George. What will befall should DT be elected, what could be worse than the attacks on 9/11? Maybe we’ll find out next year.

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    1. I trace the beginning of our decline to the pardon of Richard Nixon. We might have survived the debacle in Viet Nam but when Ford pardoned Nixon he undercut the founding premise of equality before the law. You break the law, you do your time regardless of who you are. The pardon of Richard Nixon led to the perception of that the law is meaningless if it means ‘dragging the country’ through an ordeal. And that has been the excuse ever since.

      I have no problem with left or right thinking in politics. I have a problem with government run by dogma — either left or right.

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      1. I have a huge problem understanding American politics, but what gets my back up most is going backwards. When we can start moving forward and share peace and love with all, not just our friends and neighbours, then we can end war, famine and poverty on this planet. I’m definitely a child of the 60’s ain’t I? Hippies understood what needed to be done, went about it wrong but that doesn’t mean their philosophy was tainted.

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    1. Especially coming from a woman who enjoys all of the benefits of a liberal democracy based on the premise of a living constitution and complains bitterly about the ideas from which she benefits. Of all of the women I’ve personally known or watched in public life her lifestyle most closely resembles that of the stereotypical feminist who spends her days issuing politically correct screeds from bizarro world.

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    1. It’s sad isn’t it…it’s especially sad because Coulter owes so much to liberal and progressive movements.

      To listen to this woman call for political violence; how does she think she isn’t treasonous? If this is a clown act on her part then it’s time for her to take off her silly nose and make-up and go home.

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  2. I do not put much credence in the opinions of Ann Coulter, so nothing surprises me. The fact she is advocating a crime is lost on her and this demagogical con artist of a candidate.

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      1. At 53 she should know better and have more concern for the lives that she places in danger when she issues these calls for violence.

        A certain responsibility comes with fame and wealth.

        I know that conservatives are the party of responsibility for everyone else and that as a narcissist among narcissists she would disagree.

        But if she were healthy she wouldn’t say these things at all.

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      1. When I say I hate politics I stop myself because I don’t hate civilized public debate.

        The only way we can get anything done is by pooling our resources, creating a government, and having impassioned but reasonable debates about the direction of the nation and our allocation of resources.

        What I hate is politics as a meaningless game without rules; where anything goes and people end up losing their lives so that a pack of selfish men and women can take control of our government and OUR RESOURCES and TELL US how they will spend the wealth that belongs to all of us.

        I hate that our politics is this debased.

        We look like a people who don’t understand our own history–and are in open rebellion against our best traditions.

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