Guest Post: 5 Main Challenges Freelance workers face all the time by Mariam Sargsyan

Excellent information from Kelly for anyone who wants to work from home or on the go….


Recently, as I was browsing for more inspiration on what to write on the topic of freelancing and I stumbled upon an excellent article that I wish to share with my fellow readers here. Miriam is an excellent writer and her thoughts are crystal clear as if you are not reading her words but hearing them coming out from her mouth.

I do hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

Do I have to downgrade my level of life if I want to work for myself and be location independent in a high-cost western country (more specifically – America)? Can I still afford to pay the rent for my house and car and still be free to work from my own garden with a laptop? Or do I have to go to live in Thailand to afford being free? These are the questions, that I’m having all…

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