Featured Blogger: Carolina Russo

Rose Quarts Ring
Rose Quarts Ring


Carolina was born and raised in Italy.

Her creative interests include making jewelry, photography, writing poetry, and painting with watercolors and acrylics, mixed media.

Carolina is also passionate for antiques, vintage, and founds objects.

She uses her blog, in part, to market limited edition garments, jewelry and accessories.

Carolina moved to the United States from Italy in 2002 and lives in California.

Thank you for giving me the interview, Carolina!

I may make interviews a monthly event.


1. Did you begin blogging with the idea of blogging as a professional?

First of all I truly want to thank you Robert for this beautiful “Feature” and for all your great questions. I started this Blog almost one year ago with the intent and primary focus to launch my Jewelry Design Collections and the opening of my Etsy Shop.  I wanted to promote my creations and online stores as much I wanted to share all my work with the world.  My blog is shaped by my personality, modes of expression, and my passion, for what I love. I am an artist with a free spirit.  I like my creativity to be authentic and free and this is reflected on my Blog. I like to write all my posts in the moment and publish them. I rarely plan or schedule any post. My Blog turned out to be much more than just showcase my Jewelry Designs.


2. You have a diverse set of interests in that you make jewelry, write poetry and graphic designs. Are you equally comfortable in all mediums? 

This is a great question! My Art is the mirror of what I am and what I love; it reflects my soul. With different media I tell my story to the world in different ways. I love to express my creativity with all the mediums that I work with. I love it! It is like someone who speaks multiple languages. So yes, I am comfortable in all the mediums I work with and of course learning never ends. I like to experiment.

I like challenges. I have always thought, “if you don’t try you never know!” I am self-thought in several of the art forms that I use and I will always have passion for learning new skills.

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3. What have learned about yourself from blogging?

March 25 is my Blog Anniversary, a year of real Blog activity. It has been an amazing year filled with inspiration.  I’ve met creative people from around the world. I get encouragement and appreciation for my work and that means the world to me and keeps me going. I have learned is that I am fearless and I am free to share and do what I like to do. I feel I surrounded by this amazing community, many of my followers became great friends. I’ve also learned that I am a source of support and encouragement to others. I value every single word I write in each post in consideration of this because every word matters. I am thankful for all the followers and great friends that I found on WordPress.

Overwhelming beauty

4. When did you realize that you could use your art to support yourself?

I realized I was an artist as a child. I knew this was my calling and what I wanted to do. My Father is an Artist and I learned a lot just by watching him work on his beautiful oil paintings. I was born in Italy, raised in a beautiful country surrounded by Italian art, creativity, and history. I studied Art & Design and Jewelry in Italy. I had experience in Fashion Design.  I always wanted to be an Independent Artist Designer which is what I am focused on right now.


5. What advice do you have for other creative bloggers who want to go pro?   

That is not an easy question to answer because what did work for me maybe won’t work for someone else.  Something that works for me is to stay true to yourself, love what you are doing, follow your heart, stay strong on your path and more than anything believe in yourself! Don’t be afraid to try new things.  Share your creations with the world and one last thing: Never give up! Keep going!


6. What are the practical lessons you’ve learned about using a personal blog for business?


A personal Blog it is a great way to open your door and let the world know that you’re here and have something to offer.  My Blog is my Atelier,  my Showroom. On my Blog I offer a direct contact and the opportunity to shop for and by my Jewelry and Art in one place.  If a person wants a custom design she can contact me. My Blog is part of my daily life, there is a lot of work behind it but I love every minute of it!


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  1. Hi Robert > Terrific doing an interview with Carolina. She’s a brilliant artist. Thanks for helping her on her journey and sending her ‘out there’ if you know what I mean. Have a brilliant weekend mate

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  2. You have caught the magical soul shining through Humankind in Carolina… What a beautiful thing to do Rob, you are taking blogging to the next level… Sharing is so powerful for both sides. I wonder who your next blogger is to interview. Take care, Barbara x

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  3. I have been following Carolina’s blog for quite some time and I find her creative works greatly inspiring! I am thankful to Robert for asking those wonderful questions, thus enabling such a delightful exchange of thoughts and insights! 🙂 Congrats to you both!

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  4. How wonderful that Carolina is your first featured blogger! I’m so proud of her! I truly admire her creativity, passion and talents. Good interview Rob! 👍

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      1. Thank you Rob I am very happy to be your guest first “Featured Blogger” and to be interviewed! Wow! Thank you for taking your time digging into my world of creativity. Today you made my day! ❤

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    1. Congratulations Carolina I did not know about your jewelry and you have so many powerful gifts creatively this is a wonderful interview, well done and much luck to you for your continued beautiful designs and talent. The world needs more of you. xo

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      1. Thank you so much for reading the interview Robert questions were a great way for me to explain what I do and let readers know more about me and my creativity! Thanks for the reblog! Stay connected! Have a great week! Carolina

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