17 St. Phillip Street – An Introduction

This is an introduction to a story tentatively titled 17 St. Phillip Street.

The central character is named Bobby.

Bobby is what I was called as a teen and is also the name of one of my alternates.

What makes this story different for me is that 17 St. Phillip Street is a Bobby story told in third person.

Bobby usually tells his stories in first person and the stories are based on real events.

The primary reason for this belated introduction is that I realized that Bobby lives in a different world from the world of the average 19 or 20 year-old in 2016.

Our culture is shaped by the Bobbys of the World and those who oppose them.

Bobby belonged to the youth culture of the 1960’s.

This was also known as the Counter-Culture.

Cannabis and mind altering drugs were a huge part of this culture as were the politics of the Civil Rights Movement and Feminism.

By 1972 Gay Liberation added a new dimension to what was acceptable for young people to explore.

It was a moment when nearly everyone under the age of thirty was a ‘little’ bi-sexual.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Lou Reed – Transformer

Bobby was a street kid as were many of the anonymous founding members of the Gay Liberation Front.

Street culture in 1972 consisted of kids of all classes, some of them were middle class kids who were slumming and some were like Bobby; looking for a way out.

The gay community of 1972 was also not a LGBTQ community.

Everyone on the wrong side of the sexual norm was a sexual outlaw and gay meant everyone.

These shades of differences didn’t emerge until gays became aware of the differences in the way the majority treated lesbians and gay men, gay men and transgender people, or men who are effeminate.

Bobby ‘came out’ in 1969 just before the Stonewall Riots.

The older men of the gay community in Charleston were more identified with gender stereotypes and the stereotypes of all gay men as effeminate.

It was typical for gay men who were ‘out’ to call each other she and sister.

In Bobby’s world sex had no consequences.

Venereal diseases were easy to treat.

There was no AIDS.

Women had contraceptives and the Youth Culture of 1971 practiced Free Love.

Jefferson Airplane

Bobby has struggles that are unique to him.

He does not know that he has a dissociative disorder.

He is privately confused about gender and sexual orientation.

And he loses time without knowing it.

I realized that before I could continue with the writing I needed to set and clarify the context of the story, for myself and for the reader.

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Live Eagle Cam

I had to share this!


America is obsessed with the “President” and “First Lady”.

American Eagle Foundation Photo. American Eagle Foundation

The other ones.

While the Obama family prepares for an historic visit to Cuba, we are watching the live camera feed of a family of bald eagles who have set up housekeeping in a Washington DC tree.

The first eaglet hatched on Friday, March 18.

The second is due to hatch at any time today.**

** Update: As of 10:00 am EST, they are both hatched. It happened while I was making breakfast. Live webcam link is below. Enjoy !!


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Flickr Wednesday: Gérard/Pifou

I’m re-blogging a Flickr Wednesday from my friend Gérard…

Art by Rob Goldstein

Flickr Wednesday: Gérard/Pifou

Gérard lives in Paris and has a wide range of styles and subjects. This Wednesday I’m pleased to present the work of Flickr member, Gérard / Pifou

A glimpse of the Underworld!!!

Some wild flowers for you!!!

Over the Wall

If you’re living in a big city, and if 18 years is too long for you, just create your own Super Moon !!!

Apocalyptic full blood Moon

Sunset on the wild coast

Autumn is the season of the mushrooms!!!

YouhooOOO !!! We’re here to foolish you!!!

An afternoon at the country

Rue Saint Sauveur



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Art by Rob Goldstein

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – The late Sonatas
Sonata no. 14 – 2. Adagio
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