Week #4 – Meet and Greet Fridays…

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The Leibster’s Award

Thank you Marcus, for the nomination

survivor road


I have been nominated for  the Liebster Award! I am honored and give a big thank you to SurvivedNarc for the nomination. She is a gifted survivor of narcissistic abuse.  And from what I’ve seen over the past few months, there are a lot more than I ever would have guessed.  You really should check out his site; spend some time, get inspired by his talented prose.

To be nominated by a fellow blogger is an incredible experience.  Just thanking ‘Miss S.’ doesn’t seem like enough (when is saying ‘thank you’ truly enough?) – part of my thanks will be further nominating others.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2.  Display the Award
  3.  Answer 10 questions asked about you
  4.  Ask 10 questions from your nominees
  5.  Nominate up to 10 people for the award
  6.  Notify them via social media or a comment on their post


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