Five Quotes About Malignant Narcissism from Twitter and Pinterest

Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Pinterest
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Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Pinterest


Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Pinterest


Art by Rob Goldstein
Narcissists are Morally Insane – Found on Twitter


Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Twitter and Pinterest

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18 thoughts on “Five Quotes About Malignant Narcissism from Twitter and Pinterest

  1. Great info. It always makes me so sad to read these. I guess a part of me still refuses to believe that Loser was/is a narcissist. Maybe it’s that I don’t want to believe that I was too stupid to realize it. I knew nothing about narcissism while I was married to the asshole….but I do remember people calling him a “primadona.”

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    1. Right. If he’s a narcissistic everything about your anger and hurt is sustenance for him. It’s April, 10 months after I asked this woman to relinquish her hold on my Flickr account and she still has her ass parked in my group (a portion of my account). She has been asked three times in private to step down from the position and once in public. You can read what I wrote here:

      A normal person reading that might think: gee, I guess I’ve been asked to step down. Not this one. This is a true narcissist. She parks her ass in another person’s space and manages to get the community to feel sorry for her when the owner gets angry. So I’ve decided to release everything that I’ve gotten from friends who have sent me the email about me that she’s sent them. I have found that setting the story straight is cleansing for the soul.


      1. It wouldn’t let me see anything unless I “signed in.” Can you not just delete her? Or maybe get a new Flckr account and transfer what you want over to it? (I know nothing about Flickr.)
        Geeze Robert. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this…..well…..bitch.

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      2. Too bad…you can’t see it. I can’t delete her because of some weird failure in the program. No, I’m not going to give up my account. It’s my account and my group. The Narc could do the normal thing and step down. They’re not really sick, they’re selfish. Their intellects aren’t compromised….they know the difference between right and wrong…the problem is that they are morally corrupt.

        I have spent most of my life turning the things I value over to selfish narcissists; selfish female narcissists to be precise, and I’ve spent most of my life holding on to their secrets out of some weird sense of chivalry that says that I have to protect women even as they sink their teeth into me. Not any more.

        Since you can’t see it I’ll copy and paste it…

        “I’m so used to having people lie about me in Second Life and on Flickr that I normally don’t respond.

        My overall attitude is that my contacts know what I believe and how I conduct myself.

        But I do want to correct what I consider the lazy and inaccurate use of the word ‘troll’ in the most recent rumor.

        I’ve heard from more than one person that I am ‘trolling’ my own group, Number Nine Dream.

        When this rumor first began the accusation was that I was trolling MOST of the groups I admin so I removed myself as administrator from the groups I was accused of trolling and was promptly banned from one of them.

        Today I had an email from a contact that read “Narcissist X says that you are trolling Number Nine Dream by removing the work that he invites into the group.”

        So now the rumor is specific to Number Nine Dream.

        I’m obviously not going to leave a group that I founded.


        I can’t believe that I’m still dealing with this kind of petty B.S. Nine months after I asked this person to step down as an administrator for Number Nine Dream.

        Moderating a group is not the same as trolling it.

        Contrary to popular belief, a group admin is responsible for adhering to the group theme and for respecting the founding administrator’s vision and space.

        Normal people treat being trusted as a group admin as a privilege

        If an administrator breaches that trust by posting and inviting work into a group that is not consistent with the group theme or group standard I will remove that work.

        An example: removing Second Life Work from a group that specifically says no Second Life work is not trolling; it is abiding by the rules if the group.

        A troll is someone who admins a group he’s been asked to leave and who purposely invites work into the group that he knows the better admin will remove.

        If your work is removed it doesn’t mean that I think it was bad or anyone else thought it was bad.

        It means that you were set up to have it removed by an administrator who is not wanted on the admin team and who has been asked three times to step down.

        Everyone is a pawn in the games a narcissist plays, everyone.

        If your work is removed and you want to know why, ask the administrator who invited it.

        Thank you,

        Rob Goldstein

        I will cross post this to my WordPress blog. ”


      3. Oh Hell no. I can’t stand to hear all the crap that’s coming out of their mouths. I catch blurbs now and then…and it’s like listening to a bad high school debate (especially the attack of each others’ wives.) UGH!

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      4. Then you’ll love this bit that she posted to a different blog. Let me explain that I have never named this person or even given her a gender until now. The post that she references was actually not as much about her as it was about a different narcissist so understand that she chose to out herself as the person I was writing about on Kendall Person’s blog as a comment to a post about something completely unrelated: “well, other then the post he made on his blog about the Malignant Narcissist which is me. Very very horrible blog and I am highly insulted. I understand his condition precipitated this. Sorry to say this, but he felt strongly to use this distortion of lies to post on his blog and flickr site”

        I actually did write a post about that: I’m the Person You don’t know who is Not the Pathological Narcissist Mentioned in Rob Goldstein’s Blog Post that You Haven’t Read


      5. Are you fucking kidding me? This is horrible! It seems to me like you could “turn her over” to somebody who maybe governs Flickr or something? Abusive behavior like that shouldn’t be allowed. I kind of wish you were mean spirited…and would do the same thing to her but that would just be taking yourself down to her level….but shit! Obviously the no contact isn’t working…..what to do?

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      6. What am I going to do? I’m going to let her heal me?

        Because that’s what’s happening.

        Not keeping their secret is new….WOW!

        I always keep the secrets of my abusers.

        I’ve never really understood that before.

        As far as reporting her? If I wanted to I could probably sue for damages.

        But that makes it about her and this not really about her.


      7. The abusers ALWAYS get away with it. Loser told people for ten years that I left him because he got fired, when in reality, I left him because he cheated on me and gave me an incurable disease. All of our friends deserted me because they thought I was a gold-digger…and HE LET THEM. I finally told everybody the truth. It didn’t make ME look bad…it showed everybody what a lying sack of shit he was.
        Sometimes….it HAS to be about YOU.

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      8. No….he’s the one who was abused, remember? He would never publicly denounce me….it might make him look bad. Now…that WTC? She might. They have both poisoned my children against me. You know, they’re the victims and I’m clinically insane.

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      9. Not frustrated…I just have to curb my burning desire for revenge. I’m not lowlifes like he and that WTC are but if I knew a way to get payback…I sure would. I just don’t have a devious mind. 😦

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