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This is a harrowing account of post-partum depression and psychosis.

“…if you can trust that there are people in this world that care first for others, and second for themselves, than you, and they, will walk with you through hell. When we have true friends, they don’t leave us when the going gets rough. They stop at nothing to see that we realize how important we are, in their life. They don’t call you, Pyscho, MisFit, Crazy. They call you, Friend. That having us is a joy, a blessing, a God-send. A true friend does not judge, does not keep a score card and knows that we are them, should they ever need us and not out of guilt or because a favor needs returning. No, a true friend stands by knowing that without our connection we are only half of ourselves.”

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Thank you to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill , for this initiative.  I will forever be indebted to your servitude.

This past week I noticed a story on CNN of an upcoming app that was to be released. I am submitting this after receiving an email today giving me permission to submit my article to the organization responsible for this International study of women suffering/or having suffered from Post Partum Depression, and/or, Psychosis. It is my sincere hope that you will spread this information in an effort to draw attention to this program. They are looking to collect thousands of participants for this study.  You can find the app, for free.  Look for PPD ACT app.  I found it through the Apple Store.

I literally had tears running down my face when I read that this initiative was taking place. In 1984, at the time of my…

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      1. Thank you for your words. I felt like a freak, and literally, I was one. I simply want anyone who needs help to know that there is a way back home. I think of Andrea Yates, and I cry for her. I cannot imagine the hell she lives day-in and day-out. While there are those who condemn her, there are those of us that know the horror she tried so hard to control. I am one of the lucky ones. I pray I can be someone’s keeper in their hour of need, if only to shed light on something so heinous that it fell silent amongst the masses. Kudos to UNC. I am forever indebted.

        By the way, my beautiful daughter is 31, married and works as an event planner for a winery in Napa. I was given a second gift. She’s 25, and works in the financial services industry.

        My second pregnancy was closely monitored by two doctors. Upon delivery, I continued my medications.

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      2. The tragedy of Andrea Yates is the result of the de-funding of community mental health and political leaders who don’t care about the lives of the people they are supposed to serve. Her children died from the stigma against people with mental illnesses. One symptom of that stigma are doctors who don’t screen as a matter of course and a husband who does nothing as his wife is falling apart.

        There are plenty of people who should be in prison but she isn’t one of them.

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