18 thoughts on “Poverty Taxes the Brain

  1. Sobering statistics. Even with a MBA, I lived below the poverty line for about 5 years – it is tough indeed.

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    1. Alot of the stress is the fear of knowing that if we sink too low we will be blamed for it and abandoned.

      Yesterday I was approached by an elderly man in rags. He was in tears and said “Please, I’m hungry.”

      I gave him what little I had but I did it out of terror.

      To think that it is NOW completely expected that if you get too old and too poor you’ll spend your last days on the streets is more damaging to the spirit of this nation than anything a group of outside terrorists can inflict on us.

      We are morally corrupt and no amount of OCD religiosity can save us.

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      1. Hi Robert, this path/journey that we are on is a hard one. For every good day there is a dozen that is not. Poverty just adds to the pain. A pain that sometimes makes going on a very very hard choice.

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      2. I know Louise.

        Regardless of the pettiness and spite that seem to infect so many souls life is inexplicable and miraculous. The thrust of human evolution is toward greater justice and greater respect for human dignity. We go through periods of darkness when we allow our fears to overwhelm our nobler feelings and goals..but we always come out of it as individuals and as a species. There is plenty to live for at each stage of life.

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      3. Robert, my darling man, you so well express what I am thinking and fail to find the words so often. I fail to understand that someone like myself who has survived where others have not and yet there seems to be those whose desire is to take me down for reasons I cannot comprehend. I am sad today.

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      4. The hardest part of being a survivor is that living is more another day as a food processor.

        To survive a personal confrontation with human evil is to live in a world in which evil is no longer hypothetical.

        It’s unsettling and painful…and most of all it can make the world ‘feel’ less majestic.

        Petty people live in a drab world in which everyone is competing for nothing in winner take all games.

        In order to have lives of such profound meaninglessness they need to drag down as many people as they can.

        “Who is deserving?” They bellow.

        “Not you.” I answer.

        To keep your sense of wonder in a world seems to prefer a loud bully with bad hair is the real survival.

        It is the survival of your soul…

        Perhaps you’re sad today because that is the way you must feel to achieve
        the good.

        I know that for me, the grief often feels so heavy I can’t move.

        But it gets lighter by the day….

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      1. You mean that our collective ability to see that we are doing wrong along with the capacity take responsibility for being wrong is lost in a black hole of narcissistic denial, rationalization and outright lies and that this will continue for many more years.


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