Anosognosia, hello old friend.

This is an important post about why ‘they’ refuse treatment.

Musings of a mad woman


“Part of having bipolar can be what is called “anosognosia,” a weird word for a simple idea: a mentally ill person who’s unable to perceive that he or she is ill. This means a huge part of bipolar is that, when your loved one most needs help, your partner will be least likely to look for it or accept it.”
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Denial, fear of medications, multiple combinations of medication, side effects, the list goes on forever. I had been told many, many years ago. I really believed it was a made up or only the over dramatic people.  I tried to hide my lows and tried be extraordinary with my highs. I used my gifts and talents, which now I understand as gift. I could focus, accomplish any task you give me. Then, lose myself for weeks sometimes. Sadly, unlike the writer of the article, I’m Bipolar I…

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Writers Beware! Stolen Work!

This can happen to any of us…

Little Lord Oscar Dandelion Books

I’m angry that my entire novel of Little Lord Oscar Dandelion is offered for FREE without my consent on a web site that may or may not be offering other people’s ebooks. Either the books themselves or viruses to be downloaded onto others’ computers.

If any of you have any advice for me I’d be grateful.

This is my entire novel being offered free on the internet. Due to my poor health and the disability I’m unable to work a normal job. And if even I were rich it’s still wrong.

! Other writers please check your own work regularly to see whether it’s being stolen. !

I offered – pdfs of my book, in good faith, in return for honest reviews. I’m thinking one of these people has either sold or given on my ebook, without my consent.

I am taking this seriously.

This is many hours work. MY…

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Please Stand By…

Art by Rob Goldstein
We are Having Technical Difficulties

Update May 1st, 2016

We have broadband…all systems go!

Dear Friends,

I’ve had ongoing problems with my ISP (AT&T).

My download speeds are so poor at times that a page can take as long as an hour to load.

A technician is to come out tomorrow morning and I hope that he finds and solves the problem.

In the meantime I’ll just cry….


Question Mark And The Mysterians

96 Tears