24 thoughts on “The Construction Workers of San Francisco – 2016

  1. The depth of colour in that second one is wonderful. I’m also a huge fan of anything orange, great shots.

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      1. I was worried at first…It helps to use a telephoto lens and and everybody in San Francisco is taking pictures of everything these days. I have pictures of sites from the start of the construction to the end…and even photos of what was on the land before the new construction…

        I’ll process a few more of these.

        Thanks for the comment…comments help me to get a sense of direction for the blog.

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      2. You’re welcome, Rob. As I only use an iPhone for my photos is can be difficult to get shots of people without them knowing. Our house is currently part of a new housing development and there are builders ever where. I’ve seen some great shots but have not had the nerve to take them. Maybe I should ask?

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