April Poetry Month – 50 Words Story – Inner voice

Beautiful Work by Carolina Russo



Inner Voice

The calming sound of nature was only interrupted by the noise of my steps hitting the ground walking up the hills following an unknown trail. Suddenly the thoughts  in my mind were freed and unlocked while breathing wilderness in the wind. Let go was the insistent inner voice I was hearing.


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Ready to Conquer!

I just found this blog and want to share it: “Sight loss on its own carries many misconceptions”

And this blog takes on those misconceptions.

Bold Blind Beauty

Or Maybe Not?

Me and my grandson Orion standing in front of the kitchen counter. The other day I was so excited I couldn’t stand it. As you probably know, I’m about to launch my first online store and the most exciting thing about it is the movement.

When I began this blog a huge piece of it involved changing perceptions on sight loss. With the creation of Abigail I now have the vehicle to make this vision a reality. But on to the cause of my excitement.

First I received a package in the mail, this always generates a great deal of childish glee on my part because there’s just something about getting a delivery even if it’s expected.

Secondly, my three-year-old grandson unexpectedly came over to spend some time. So I got to thinking, this doesn’t happen too often but when it does, look out!! At any rate I thought since the package was one of my long-awaited Abigail Style…

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“All your efforts, all your achievements,
All your attainments turning into dust,
What is the feeling?
What happens to you?”
Nothing More, Pyre