17 St. Phillip Street –Part 13-

Jesus Kiss - Source unknown
Jesus Kiss – Source unknown

The search for Jesus looked hopeless.

Paul said that he’d know Christ when he saw him.

Bobby and Maurice drafted a new story line.

The most radical change came from Maurice who wanted to play Magdalene as a man.

“Maurice Magdalene?” asked Paul.

Maurice replied, “Mandrake. Mandrake Magdalene.”

Paul frowned, “That sounds like the name of a porn star!”

Maurice called Paul a first-rate bitch and looked to Bobby for support.

Bobby leapt to the stage, “Make him a trucker! Big Mack Magdalene! A trucker disciple and saint!” Bobby stepped into the cab of an imaginary truck and dramatically belched. “Saint Big wrote the epistle to the Plebeians while driving  cross country! VROOOOOM!”

Maurice was amused but not showing it. “They didn’t have Mack Trucks in those days, Miss Bobby!”

Bobby laughed. “If I was Jesus I’d stone you.”

The door to the bar opened and a tall man with blond hair and a tan walked in.

He said his name was Christopher, a recently discharged Marine.

He had a slight limp from what he later said was a leg wound he’d gotten in
Viet Nam.

Paul asked him if he had come to try out for the role of Jesus.

“In a way,”  Christopher replied.

He said he’d just ‘come out’ and wanted to meet other gay guys who were like normal guys too.

Bobby introduced himself and said he was almost like a normal guy. “I’m gonna play Judas. If you play Jesus we’ll need to practice that kiss.” Bobby playfully batted his eyelashes, “I still don’t know where it goes. “

Christopher grinned: “If I play Jesus I’ll give you a list.”

Bobby flushed and quickly sat to hide his reply.

“That kiss goes on the neck, Bobby, and only on the neck.” Paul gave Christopher the lyrics to Gethsemane.  He went to the turntable and cued up the song.

Christopher climbed the stage; Paul turned up the stage lights and Christopher’s long blond hair shimmered like a halo.

Paul smiled. “I’ve found Christ.”

Bobby and Maurice lobbied the rest of the cast to support them in petitioning Paul to accept their rewrite to the story of Jesus.

They got their way.

The re-write went as like this:

Jesus is an enlightened gay liberal, scorned by a fascist, heterosexist corporatocracy that collaborates with religious fundamentalists to have him executed for treason.

Mary Magdalene is a trans woman.

She is miraculously transitioned by Jesus.

She loves Jesus but knows it’s hopeless.

The story moves along with Jesus demanding that people to get their shit together until one night,  Judas, in a fit of jealously over Magdalene, betrays Jesus to the CIA with a rather deep and lengthy kiss.

The CIA and the KGB detains Jesus.

He is interrogated, tortured and publicly electrocuted.

Paul found a large pink Santa Throne used by the bar for the yearly Queen of Hearts drag show.

Paul painted the chair brown and equipped it with an electrified wicker basket loaded with flash bulbs that fired with a remote.

The finishing touch was that the half blind audience saw the ghost of Jesus rise from the chair and limp away.

Art By Rob Goldstein

Writing and Second Life Image (c) Rob Goldstein 2016

Source image for “Jesus Kiss” found on the internet in 2009, source unknown.

“I Don’t know How to Love Him”
Yvonne Elliman
Jesus Christ Superstar(1971)
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25 thoughts on “17 St. Phillip Street –Part 13-

    1. Thank you. I was surprised when I realized that this part of the story is based on real events. I don’t know how other people experience memory. I experience my memories as dreams which means that I often don’t know if they are real.


      1. Dear Robert, now is the time to allow yourself just to ‘be’ to let be. I understand and so do many others that you are in this place where you haven’t yet been before and things are different in the ‘now’. Just show a living presence so that we know you are OK. Perhaps the movie version of Life as Robert is the way you will all get your memories aligned and then you can perhaps get a part in the film. Love Andrew

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  1. Your’e breaking me up, this is hilarious, I’m sure Jesus loves a good laugh I had better go and shut down before I split a gut – will there be any more or do they get fried in their own chair for her er see or him er see depending on gender. I can’t like twice it won’t let me


    1. I’m glad you’re having fun with this…and since you are having fun with it…I should say that this is based on real events. There really was a lip sync production of Jesus Christ Superstar at the local drag bar in Charleston and it really did follow the story line in this piece…with the exception of Magdalene as a trans woman, but that’s because trans issues were not the focus of the early GLF. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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      1. I can believe that – I saw Jesus Christ Superstar here in Australia at the Capitol Theatre when it first came out here- everyone thought that it was outrageous enough as it was – I loved it


      2. I don’t think JCS has aged very well. I worry that the story is rambling because I can’t write a plot.

        17 St. Phillip Street is a kind of journal if my therapy.

        With DID the past is always present so healing means making the past the past.

        My DID is changing.

        The focus of the alternates seems to be on unifying the timeline of our life.

        They are ‘giving’ me their memories and as they begin to feel less separate.

        My therapist is referring to this as a process of integration.

        For me it feels as if I’m on the most frightening roller coaster ever made.

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      3. Robert, that is exactly what it is “the most frightening roller coaster ever made.” You/they splintered or emerged when those events were un-endurable and now you must endure them because everyone is sharing the unendurable until every part of your Ego -self will be up to par with it all and as also will each of them, and they are afraid too. I think it is fear multiplied by the splinters + the fear the whole experiences.( BA Psychology 1999-probably everything we hypothesized then is a bit awry.

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      4. Thank you–yes–I feel exhausted all the time. I alternate between feeling as if I am about to die or literally becoming so immobilized that I have no energy for anything. It is deeply frustrating to wake at at 9 AM only lose the day to nothing.

        I have no memory of most of today.

        Actually psychiatry knew more about DID in 1999 then will admit to knowing in 2016.


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