Dissociative Identity Disorder: The Protector

Protector alters save the original and other personalities from intolerable or life threatening environments and people.

A Protector can be any age and gender

The reason I’m female is that women had the power; and our Mother was nicer to girls.

The day I became a protector Mother was beating the little boy with a stick.

We were five.

Mother stopped and I grabbed the stick and bashed her as hard as I could.

She was so shocked that she stopped using the stick on us.

There are other protectors, such as The Narrator and Mateo.

People Like Me
The Narrator and Mateo are Protector alternates.

I protect the body.

Why am I still needed?

A survey of 5,877 people across the United States, found that people who had experienced physical or sexual assault at some point in their life are likely to attempt suicide

Nearly 22% of people who had been raped had also attempted suicide at some point in their life.

People with histories of childhood sexual assault combined with prolonged periods of  physical and psychological abuse have the most successful suicide attempts  About Health

If you’re feeling suicidal call your doctor, psychiatrist or dial 911.


You can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Art by Rob Goldstein
“No one commits suicide on my watch.”

Rob Goldstein 2016-2018

Julie London – Why don’t you do right
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Flickr Wednesday: Wild Alchemi

This week’s Flickr Wednesday Reblog is Wild Alchemi

Art by Rob Goldstein

This is the second time I’ve showcased the work of Wild Alchemi.

I enjoy well made Second Life fashion shots.

I admire the skill it takes to make a good one.

The idea of a virtual fashion industry fascinates me.

Wild Alchemi is a good example of someone who uses the game to have fun and to make art.

PIC 1 FOR ROBHair by Vanity Hair- Guns & Pearls Earrings by Virtula Impressions part of The Valerie set. Gown By NSP.- Peony Sari Gown in Antique Lace Shoes By KC Couture CINZIA Pumps.

Hair- Baistice Hairbase- EMO tions EyeMake up - White widow Lipstick Delizio- dark glossy Red Gown- AZUL- K'aalogii in Red Shoes KC couture London HeelsHair- Baistice
Hairbase- EMO tions
EyeMake up – White widow
Lipstick Delizio- dark glossy Red
Gown- AZUL- K’aalogii in Red
Shoes KC couture London Heels

PIC 3 FOR ROBHair by Lelutka Lipstick- by Delizio Necklace and Earrings by FINESITH GOWN- Dolce Vita by FLOWERDREAMS Shoes by KC Couture

PIC 4 FOR ROBWearable Throne by , BOUDOIR Hair by Rezology Lipstick by Delizio Eyemake up by White…

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