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I found these political cartoons on Pinterest. They are so powerful that I had to share them

Art by Rob Goldstein
Saved to Pinterest by John Christopher
Thou Shalt Not
Found on The Boeskool


Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Pinterest


Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Pinterest, saved from the National Review


Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Pinterest, saved from Imgur


Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Pinterest, saved from the Houston Chronicle



Beverly, 02-Dec-1926 - 10-Dec-1981
Beverly, 02-Dec-1926 – 10-Dec-1981

You never stop


the murder

of a

parent or child.


The pain deepens

when you realize

the murder was

for profit and

the killer was

one of the


So, who profits

when a man

with paranoid


stops his meds

and kills your


Who profits

when psychiatrists

release a patient

that warns them

he will kill?

Yet, out he


without food,

without shelter,

without treatment,

without hope.

Yet, out he goes

with a bag

of pills he

never takes.


More tax cuts

from health care

from schools,

from housing;

More tax cuts from

food programs

for the

children of the


Who profits

from the

lost futures

that we owe

those precious


and souls?

Who profits from

our pain

and our grief?

Who made a killing

from the murder of

my Mother?


RG 2016

The Lord’s Prayer

Russian Liturgical Chant
Public Domain Mark 1.0

Dear Bernie: It’s Time to Commit to Revolution!

Art by Rob Goldstein

I will support the Democratic Nominee but I hope that the nominee is Sanders.

Found on the Huffington Post:

The institutions serving the billionaire class send thousands to their deaths each year in wars to keep the world safe for corporate profit. That class doesn’t mind causing the deaths of thousands more at home from poverty, a for-profit health system, pollution of the air and waters, and the addictions and crime of a sick society.

In other words, these forces play hardball.

So there are probably teams of operatives brainstorming contingency plans to use voter suppression, hacking ballot software, and other means to steal the November election if necessary, given the Bush/Gore lesson, i.e., that our people will acquiesce. Others must be considering strategies to put President Sanders on the defensive from day one, in ways that would make Monicagate look like child’s play.

Your attempts to use the Oval Office as a bully pulpit will be largely shut down by the same media which downplay your campaign.

In the best of worlds, your election will sweep in Democratic congressional majorities. But the legislators will still be corporate funded, which is why Democrats — whether in the majority or the minority — have generally either supported, or failed to effectively oppose, tax and financial-disclosure laws that favor the rich; every bank bailout and executive-sparing plea bargain; every war; a gigantic military-industrial complex; murderous drone warfare that makes more enemies; the surveillance state; an unprecedented war on whistle blowers; and too- little-too-late environmental promises and band aids. These folks will not be your/our allies, just as they are not supporting your campaign.

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