Humanity Restored in the Midst of Anger

I haven’t read a better illustration of how one or two people can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

My Good Time Stories

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There are a lot of mean and thoughtless people in the world. These individuals can not only be obnoxious, rude and inconsiderate but they can be tear people apart with their sharp words and hurtful actions.

Unfortunately, many people don’t take a stand against these kind of people…that’s why a story like the one that you are going to read, is a reaffirmation of the goodness of the human spirit…and hopefully, give you courage to stand up against these people when the time comes.

(I am at my regular grocery store at the checkout. The bagger is a sweet man with a mental disability, who is carefully bagging my items.)

Bagger: “You want this one?”

(He holds up one of my canvas bags, which has a hole in it.)

Me: “No, use another. Thanks.”

Woman behind me: “God! Hurry up!”

Me: I just finished paying. He’s…

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Featured Bloggers 4/17/16: How to Blog Network

Today’s featured bloggers from Dream Big Dream Often

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Unworthy of Support?

A thought provoking post

Me - Who am I?

support“A friend of mine has to pay $700 a month for a kid he doesn’t even want. What’s worse is that the kid is mentally disabled. Why should he have to pay for a kid like that?” Stunned by this man’s words, all I could do was stand there and listen to him.

I was in shock, speechless. Did he really just say that children with disabilities are unworthy of monetary support? That they are unequal to or less important than typical children? That they’re undeserving?” No, no one thinks like that. Do they?

Evidently they do, as that is exactly what this man was saying. The conversation soon proved that.

As I stood there biting my tongue, waiting for a calm response to enter my mind, I kept thinking, “this man has no idea that my son is Autistic.” If I told him, would it make him feel ashamed…

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Featured Blogger: Erika Kind

This Kind Quote  from Erika’s blog is a perfect introduction to my interview with Erika Kind.

Art by Rob Goldstein

I sent Erika a list of five questions.  Below are the questions and her answers:

Thank you very much for inviting me as a featured guest on your blog, Robert. You know I appreciate you a lot. Discussions with you are always most interesting and so are the many things you can see a lot better than many of us.

Thank you, Erika. A theme on your blog is transcendence and the power of the spirit. What would you say is the foundation of your spiritual beliefs?

Since I was a child and most of all between the age of 11 and 15 I had several experiences which were not rational explainable. I dreamed of things that came true and I had feelings or simply knew about things to happen. I did not see “ghosts” but then again I experienced this story at the age of 11: The scary Tidbit – Ghost Story!


I always felt or simply knew that there was much more about life than what I could see with my physical eyes. When I was 7 I had an insight I did not pay much attention to back then but decades later when I remembered it: I looked at my hand and realized that it was something I was given but not something I was. I thought it would be interesting to see how this hand I direct will change over time. It was definitely my spirit – the “I” – coming through who was in full awareness and awe about this incarnation.

But what made me dig really deep into this matter and what made me see so far behind the physical appearance was my curiosity. The feeling that there is more did not suffice anymore. I wanted to understand. Most of all, because I reached points in my life where I felt like being pushed against a wall. I wanted to find out what pushed me, what was the reason for my frustration, or that I wasn’t at the place I wanted to be. I joined seminars and lectures, read books over books, had medial training and other education, and started meditating.

At one point I got so sick of my fears, my lack of self-esteem, my self-doubts, my fighting about my place in my surrounding that I knew I had to change something. I was standing at a crossroads either to break down or to break out.

I chose the second.

I understood that if I wanted something to change, I had to change it. That was the moment when I started to shift my thoughts from where I was to where I wanted to be. If I felt frustrated I looked for something in the same situation that strengthened me and I changed my thoughts for how I wanted to feel. When I observed myself in the beginning I realized how many negative thoughts were running through my head reflexively all the time and I began to exchange them when I caught myself thinking in a direction that made me feel bad.

I started to focus on where I wanted to be and not on where I was.

Within no time I noticed changes. Changes about my feelings, about my whole mood and my energy. Things around me started to change since I met them differently. I got more self-confident, made a list of my fears and checked them off one by one.

After about half a year I had my discovery.

From one moment to another I realized how powerful I was and that I did not have to fear anything or anyone and that I never had to. It was all about what I believed. A new world opened up to me and it was like entering a new dimension within my life–

To come back to your question I would say, the foundation of my spiritual beliefs is my experience of what life and its laws have taught me.

Ary by Rob Goldstein

You are classically trained to sing opera. What was that like for you and how does this training influence the work you do now?


Music is half of my life. I loved music and wanted to become a singer since I was little. I was more into rock and pop as a teenager as you can imagine. But there were no such classes at that time. So, at the age of 16 I started taking lessons in classical singing for some years. I loved it totally and after a while I felt how much I can do with my voice and how to control and direct it.

When I had my first performance I was sweating blood and did so for many, many years. I was so nervous. But it always turned out great anyway. I learned to accept my nervousness as a part to the deal and after a while the nervousness got mixed with a huge dose of anticipation. I learned to stand in front of big audiences of up to 1000 people or even more when I think of the big concerts. The good thing about this singing or playing in musicals was that I did not use my words and did not play myself. I did not have to be me. The next big step which I had to do with my lectures and workshops was that now I told things that are connected with me. The fear was not to speak in front of an audience but to be me in front of an audience. But singing taught me about the feeling on stage, it taught me to improvise when something went wrong and to bring some humor into my lectures as well. The adrenaline I felt when singing I could convert into excitement when I was talking.

Art by Rob Goldstein

What prompted you to start your blog?

When I started my blog I was actually thinking it simply is a website set up for my author activity. It was all part of my worldwide marketing campaign for my book I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not! In the beginning I did not know that I was meant to run a blog. I did not even know what that was about. I kept myself far away from Facebook and Co. and suddenly I was on not only there but also on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and WordPress.

I had heard about blogging but couldn’t make anything of it. I was taught about lots of basics. But the meaning of what blogging really meant came over time. You know how my blog looks like today and I am very happy about what I made of it.

Art by Rob Goldstein
You have a blog that is both professional and personal. How do you combine the two?

That is an interesting question, Robert. I never thought about a difference between the two. It is all part of me, of who I am and of what I want to share with the world. I want to share a part of me. Bringing awareness about the beauty, the power, the possibilities, and the joy about the being that has come into this world actually is the most personal part of who I am. My Monday posts and my quotes come from my most inner part. It doesn’t matter whether I write about some happenings from the weekend or something more spiritual. It is all who I am. It flows through everything. What I try is giving it a bit structure with the themes I write about.

As I said in question two: Music is half of my life. That is why the songs I post are not more or less personal than my poems or my Monday posts. It is all me! Today I am not afraid anymore to say that. I am actually full of enthusiasm to have a platform here to show as authentic as I can that we are all able to become who we want to be in all the little details that make us. I am not afraid either to share stories of my life although I am not proud of many things. But the reason is to show that we all are doing things we regret later. It is part of our journey to grow into the person we are today. And today we can take action for the person we want to become tomorrow. The more aware we are of it the more conscious we can create our lives.

Art by Rob Goldstein

What advice do you have for other bloggers who want to use their personal blogs to start a business?

I cannot give any professional advice here. I am still about to find that out myself…. LOL!!! I think some businesses are easier to handle over a blog than others. But whatever it is: Be your business! Whatever you are doing is part of yourself. There is this passion within you for what you do. Share this passion, write about it on your blog, share details about your business, give examples, and show something about the person behind the blog. Present you as the living being you are, connect, interact, be you! You have something special to give and to share and the more authentic and convinced you are about what you do the more will people trust in you and listen to you.

Once again thank you very much for this great interview and the thoughtful questions, Robert! I feel much honored.

Thank you, Erika!



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