A Heart to Heart

I had to have a heart to heart with my partner today.

This is how it went:

Me: I need to have a chat with you.

He: Why’s that Blanch?

art by Rob Goldstein
found on pinterest

Me: I think I’ve been—well…sorta bitchy.

He: Really Margo?


Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Pinterest

Me. Yeah.

He. Aaaand….

Me: Well–I think my creative process is alot like menopause!

He. Ya don’t say Blanch.

Art by Rob Goldstein
found on Pinterest

Me: So. I’m really sorry.

He. Awww, c’com! Group hug!

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Centric Tales


Aubrey's Arch

I felt I was always being framed
Bring out the tape and powder
She was always on my case
This personal one my
ails, my team seems
to go through
and we row to
the other side
that we know too
well, all the language
trails, Ming Hong Dynasty
with the century of tales

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