A Heart to Heart

I had to have a heart to heart with my partner today.

This is how it went:

Me: I need to have a chat with you.

He: Why’s that Blanch?

art by Rob Goldstein
found on pinterest

Me: I think I’ve been—well…sorta bitchy.

He: Really Margo?


Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Pinterest

Me. Yeah.

He. Aaaand….

Me: Well–I think my creative process is alot like menopause!

He. Ya don’t say Blanch.

Art by Rob Goldstein
found on Pinterest

Me: So. I’m really sorry.

He. Awww, c’com! Group hug!

found on Pinterest


18 thoughts on “A Heart to Heart

  1. You know what else is a lot like menopause? The part right before menopause. LOL It only lasts five to fifteen years though. 😉
    Cute post, Rob!

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    1. Thanks!…I’m proud of the kitten find. I don’t normally do kittens but a blog without kittens like — menopause? 😀

      Ok…I was going to edit out the menopause comment because it hit me that menopause is often a miserable time for some women. So I just want to be clear that it isn’t my intention to make light of something that is sometimes a real and painful health concern.

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