A scream

Another powerful poem!


Is it a curse?

or malediction perhaps worse,

to be a born as a girl,

In this wretched world.

Confined or caged,

we are nothing different than a immure bird.

predicted to caper around with barbie dolls,

and act as dull witted damsel in distress.

what are we considered ?

perhaps a burden laden

on our loved ones.

Or a liability in the household.

useless we are assessed,

never did we get a chance?

to prove ourselves.

Is it our mistake?

that we are born a girl.

Only if I was ever given a choice

I would have chose to be a boy…..

why is that ?

you slit down our wings,

and asked us to fly.

tied our legs together ,

and asked us to run…

what we can give you

is a sarcastic chuckle…

for you forgot to lookout

for the fire beneath the dainty lashes….

confined beneath…

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17 St. Phillip Street – Part 14 –

Art by Rob Goldstein
Bobby as Herod


Most of the cast of the Charleston Lip Sync Production of Jesus Christ Superstar were Bobby’s friends or patrons of the bar where the production was staged.

Caiaphas was played by an 18-year-old named Freddie.

Bobby and Freddie roamed the streets of Charleston in costume.

Freddie’s costume was a gold robe and a five foot miter with a rhinestone brooch at the top.

Bobby felt that Judas should also be a priest and when Paul said no Bobby purposely lip synced off cue.

“Miss Bobby!” Paul thundered. “We are not in a badly dubbed Italian movie!”

“I look like Christmas as in this stupid plaid suit. Why can’t Judas be a priest?”

So Paul explained again that Judas represented the treacle of bourgeois sentimentality.

For Paul, the Charleston production of Jesus Christ Superstar was a slap in the face of mediocrity.

Paul told Bobby that the play would crush the establishment.

Bobby rolled his eyes.

Bobby got his robes when Herod’s Mother discovered that her son was in a play directed by a ‘militant’ hamasectual.

Paul chose a red Cardinal’s Vestment as Herod’s Costume

Bobby convinced Paul that he could play the roles of Judas and King Herod.

In the meantime the role of Magdalene remained open until a young woman who had worked with Paul in the display department at Sears auditioned perfectly.

Her name was Ariana and as she became friends with Bobby and the rest of the cast she adopted the gender politics of gay liberation.

When Bobby and Freddie went out in their costumes they were joined by Ariana, Christopher and Maurice.

Now there was a priest, a Cardinal, a Roman prefect,  a Christ and a Mary Magdalene stationed next to the Jesus Freaks in front of Woolworth’s.

Bobby carried a soap solution and blew bubbles while he intoned his freshly written psalm of the Great Bubble.

“The bubble is my cleanser, I shall not scrub
It maketh me to run the big Maytag
It restoreth my whites
Yeah though I rummage through
piles of poo-poo laundry I shall
fear no odor…”

Between psalms Ariana announced excitedly that she had once been a man but that Jesus had made her a hole.

One woman asked if the hole gave her brain a chill.

Everyone, including the Jesus Freaks, laughed.

Art by Rob Goldstein
The bubble is my cleanser, I shall not scrub


Jesus Christ Superstar(1971)
Community Audio

Writing and illustration by Rob Goldstein (c) 2016 All Rights Reserved