19 thoughts on “Reflections

      1. I was going to say it sounded sexual but I read the comments underneath and somebody said it was about drive-in movies. Not sure I believe that….but it sure does imply (at least to me) something about a womans’ bits?

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      2. It’s not about ‘drive in movies’ –The writer may have this song confused with Wake-up Little Susy.

        “…what do you want? He says you know what I want, he wants…buttered popcorn uh-huh…uh huh…”


      3. No, the one by Sarah McLaughlin. The one about “in the arms of the angel.” I first heard it in the movie “City of Angels.”
        I’m not familiar with the one by Clapton. I knew Angie was written by Mick Jagger (?) about his fling with David Bowie.

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