The Meaning of Life

I love that video at the end. Powerful!

The End of Prince’s Purple “Reign”

A touching tribute to Prince.

Being Lydia!

0128-prince-getty-3 Photo Credit: Getty

Kay was over for lunch today and was surfing the net while I fried fish cakes. All of a sudden she said, “oh no, please say this isn’t real.” Right away I asked who died and she said, “Prince.”

I will be honest, the first thought that came into my fibro-fogged head was that Prince Phillip or Prince Charles or Prince William, etc. had died and that is pretty awful at any time but especially on Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday!

But a millisecond later (in a shorter time than it took to write that run-on sentence) I realized she was talking about Prince Rogers Nelson, another major player in the world of music. He gave many stars their big breaks including Sheila E, Sinead O’Connor, Sheena Easton and many, many more!

Prince was not always charming, having gone to battle with Warner Bros. regarding his contract, which…

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