Please Stand By…

Art by Rob Goldstein
We are Having Technical Difficulties

Update May 1st, 2016

We have broadband…all systems go!

Dear Friends,

I’ve had ongoing problems with my ISP (AT&T).

My download speeds are so poor at times that a page can take as long as an hour to load.

A technician is to come out tomorrow morning and I hope that he finds and solves the problem.

In the meantime I’ll just cry….


Question Mark And The Mysterians

96 Tears

30 thoughts on “Please Stand By…

      1. LOL. I know that’s not funny but I’ve been there. I have called my computer everything but a child of God. Ironically, it seemed to happen the most when I REALLY needed something on the computer. Murphys’ Law!

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  1. Oh, sorry! That is such a pain! I could get nuts when things are not working the way they are supposed to. Hey, great song that makes it kind of difficult to cry!!!

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      1. LOL! I visited my mother after a period of time when I’d had wifi for a year, with high speeds for then, and she had dial-up. I’d turn it on and then have a smoke. I’d log in, and make a drink. I’d connect to the internet and then smoke again. I was pretty drunk by the time I got to my places. It drove me crazy! I didn’t even use the internet much before broadband. Seriously.

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