Memorial Day Started By Former Slaves May 1, 1865

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From Huffington Post:

Who Invented Memorial Day?

By Jim Downs Historian and Author

As Americans enjoy the holiday weekend, does anyone know how Memorial Day originated?

On May 1, 1865, freed slaves gathered in Charleston, South Carolina to commemorate the death of Union soldiers and the end of the American Civil War. Three years later, General John Logan issued a special order that May 30, 1868 be observed as Decoration Day, the first Memorial Day — a day set aside “for the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet church-yard in the land.”

At the time, the nation was reunited politically, but it remained culturally divided, and so did Memorial Day observations. In the North, the federal government created…

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Finding the meaning in little flags

An excellent Memorial Day post from Ned Hickson

Ned's Blog

(Though we live in a time where the lines that divide us seem more clearly drawn than ever, for today I hope we can unite in solemn appreciation for the men and women throughout our nation’s history who sacrificed themselves so that we can live — and even disagree — as Americans. As adults, we tend to complicate things and ideals. It’s days like today that I am reminded that a child’s pure, unbiased perspective is sometimes our best source of wisdom…)

image It’s been 15 years since I introduced my oldest daughter to the meaning of Memorial Day. She was seven then, but I still remember the short gusts of warm wind on my neck, the earthy smell of the fresh-cut grass, and the hushed snap of small American flags standing like sentries next to dozens of tombstones along the hillside.

“How come some of them have little flags…

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I’m the Person You don’t know who is Not the Pathological Narcissist Mentioned in Rob Goldstein’s Blog Post that You Haven’t Read

The Medusa
The reason I’ve decided to revive this post is because a friend from Flickr informs me that a pathological narcissist is posting to the streams of people I don’t know on Flickr that I’ve accused her of trolling my art group.

That’s not correct.

I’ve accused her of stealing my art group.

When you keep things that don’t belong to you it’s stealing.

When you lie about people it’s called slander.

And when you feel entitled to hurt people for your own sadistic
amusement you are probably a malignant narcissist.

In October of last year this woman claimed on an unrelated topic posted to The Neighborhood that she was the Narcissist I was writing about on my blog.

I am not sure what to think of a woman who identifies herself on the blog of someone she doesn’t know as one of two unnamed women I described as malignant narcissists in a recent post.

Her comment is down now.

It had nothing at all to do with the topic and seemed designed to hijack the conversation to draw attention to her Flickr stream.

I wasn’t going to write a post about her comment but the more I thought about it the more I realized that this is a perfect of example of nearly everything I’ve described on this blog and read elsewhere about the methods of pathological narcissists.

I am still not going to use her name.

Here is what she posted:

“well, other then the post he made on his blog about the Malignant Narcissist which is me. Very very horrible blog and I am highly insulted. I understand his condition precipitated this. Sorry to say this, but he felt strongly to use this distortion of lies to post on his blog and Flickr site”

She is highly insulted and therefore entitled to smear me wherever she goes, even though there is no real way for anyone to link my blog to her.

She is ‘sorry’ to have to say the things she is saying; but not so sorry that she won’t say them.

The irony of it is that her post proves my point. “I know his condition precipitated this,”  so I’m going to do that I can to trigger it.

The post she references describes two women who are currently stalking me to trigger the symptoms of my illness.

One of them is in my physical reality and the other is a woman I met in Second Life.

These two women will do anything to insert themselves into my life, absolutely anything; and their sense of entitlement makes them blind to themselves.

I’ve maintained the stance of no contact and in both cases their attempts to intrude on my life and to sabotage my work have become more desperate and more subversive of my health.

I’ve told both of them that all they really have to do is apologize for behavior that any normal person can see is wrong.

I’ve said, “An apology will make everything good.”

But they can’t apologize.

So both use behaviors designed to cause one of my angrier alternates to emerge.

The point of my post, the one she claims is about her, is that I consider the covert (or in this case a clumsily obvious) use of another person’s disease process as a weapon against him ruthless, and typical of the behavior of a malignant narcissist.

I think this woman’s attempt to smear me as part of a campaign to alienate me from other members of the bogging community is a perfect illustration of my point.

RG 2015