The Weird Collusion of Good People with Evil: Narcissists and their Enablers

Art by Rob Goldstein
I Married Another Narcissist…Again….

The people who regularly read my blog know that I’ve had more than a few dealings with pathological narcissists.

In fact, I’m a typical survivor of abuse in that I’ve normalized behaviors that would send most people running for their lives.

What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is yours? Of course!

I do get how wrong it is to agree with that but it’s taken me a lifetime.

The latest drama in the latest episode of my Mother the Second Life narcissist takes place on Flickr where a Narc has been happily trolling a piece of my Flickr account for close to a year.

It seems that ‘someone’ who administrates one of the art groups I started trolled it recently and banned a bunch of group members.

I’m tracking this drama as a side issue because I took the good advice of letting the group go; I simply won’t waste a second of what’s left of my life in a battle over nothing.

In fact, I now only use Flickr as an image hosting service and that’s only until my current membership expires.

What I find so interesting about this incident is that the people who’ve sent me email about this latest bid for attention from the narc have gone out of their way to assure me that the Second Life narcissist may not be responsible for this.

Now, understand that she has trolled that group for months, I asked her publicly to step down as an administrator and she still refuses to do it.

That refusal qualifies as both trolling and stalking and stalking is a crime.

With all of this,  my closest contacts feel the need defend her as (possibly) not being the troll.


How do narcissists get away with publicly trolling and stalking people and still have defenders?

Any ideas?

RG (c) 2016


Fight With Us | #DCfC

May is Mental Health Awareness Month…I just found this blog…:)

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Fight With Us | #DCfC

Mental illness is a plague in our society that knows no bounds.  It cannot be ignored.  Pretending it does not exist will not make the diagnoses disappear.  It rages on, inflicting its wrath on hundreds of millions worldwide and does not discriminate against age, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or income.  Despite its overwhelming prevalence, there is a significant lack of funding for research.  Treatments and medications are outrageously expensive and those afflicted are often treated as lepers by the rest of society.  There are a plethora of diagnoses categorized as mental illnesses but rather than distinguish between them anyone with a mental illness is often labeled as ‘crazy’.  This is not a new phenomenon and while there have been vast improvements in regard to societal and medical understanding of mental illnesses in the past fifty years, there is a long road ahead paved with…

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17 St Phillip Street – Part 17-

Art by Rob Goldstein
Battery Park, Charleston


Bobby and his friends taped opening night announcements to the streetlights
and buildings of Downtown Charleston.

Paul even had the blessings of the aristocratic Annabelle Zelda Marshall.

Annabelle Zelda Marshall lived in the finest of the decrepit old plantation homes
on Battery Park.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Annabelle Zelda Marshall

Bobby often saw her when he rolled past her house on his skateboard;  she gazed from her veranda at Fort Sumter as if she still heard those first shots.

Bobby never heard the story of how she and Paul had met, but Paul said that Annabelle loved him as a Son.

Her support lent credibility to the production and she used her influence to get Paul an interview with the News and Courier.

Maurice quipped that he saw Paul’s star rise in the West like the Sun.

Art by Rob Goldstein
PS Clemens Discusses His Production of Jesus Christ Superstar

The News & Courier: Why did you choose Jesus Christ Superstar?

Paul: I have always had the profoundest belief in God and I feel that this retelling of the story of our Savior brings Gods message to a new generation.

The News & Courier: What is your response to accusations that a rock opera about the Passion of Christ is blasphemy?

Paul: They said that about Michelangelo, Galileo, and Rembrandt.

The News & Courier: Tell our readers about the cast.

Paul: They are gifted children, each grappling with questions of life and mortality.

The News & Courier: They’re quite young, aren’t they—but Jesus is a veteran?

Paul: Well…the actor is.

The News & Courier: Is it true that they don’t actually sing.

Paul: No, one of the cast members sings. We are blessed with the gorgeous and gifted Arianna Pravora as Magdalene.

The News & Courier: Why did you choose such a notorious venue to present your show?

Paul: One may as well ask why the heathen rage. I have no doubt that this production will drive out the devil and make everyone who watches it happen better people.

The News & Courier: Is there anything else you want to say about the show?

Paul: Oh yes, please come. Ours is a message of love that will surely appeal to everyone, and the children have worked so hard!

Art by Rob Goldstein
Bobby Liked to Board to Rehearsal

The next morning Bobby and Maurice read the interview over morning coffee.

Freddie joined them.

Freddie had also moved into Miss Jennie’s boarding house.

“The gorgeous and gifted Arianna Pravora!” sputtered Maurice.

Bobby brightened: “Paul and her go to the bar after it’s closed, Paul says they’s rehearsin’ but I think they do stuff.”

Maurice rolled his eyes. “What kinda stuff”


Freddie didn’t know what to make of it. “They go to the gay bar after it’s closed to dance? And?–So?”

Bobby had just finished reading the Naked Ape by Desmond Morris: “I read that dancing is the same as sex, only more fun.

“They go to the queer bar to dance? That is SO cute!” Maurice laughed. “It’s cool that Paul has a chick!”

“I think it’s gross.” said Freddie.

“Oh! My! God!” Bobby was back at the interview, “They called it us the Flambé Players!

“Flambé?” Maurice said. “I thought it was Floodlights.”

“No,” said Bobby. “It’s Searchlight!.”

“What’s flambé?” asked Freddie.

“It’s a kind of food.” Bobby replied. “I think French folks eat it.”

Art by Rob Goldstein
Paul has a Dance with Magdalene