Mother’s Day, 2016

Art by Rob Goldstein
Mother’s Day 2016

This is a gift to my Friends who are also Mothers.

I read about your joys and fears.

I read your dreams for your children and about your struggles
to do what’s best for them.

One does not have to have give birth to a child to be a Mother.

All it takes is the instinctive desire to nurture and protect the future.

To you who always do your best and often think you’ve failed.

This flower is a gift in your honor.

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Read these shameful figures and cast your votes with an eye on the future. The corruption didn’t happen overnight and it isn’t going to change in one election cycle…but we can start the process now! End the For Profit Prison System.



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Still merely human.

May is mental health month and Alzheimer’s is also a mental health issue. Please read this finely written post and pass it on.

Daisy in the willows

“I think that the only reason people hold onto memories so tight for so long is because memories are the only things that don’t change, even when people change..”   Unknown

This is a post that I  have wanted to write  for some time but my heart is still raw with pain. I’m comfortably numb as the song goes . No words I write can do justice to what this illness does to people we love.

We have had the plague

Chicken pox

Aids and HIV


The new cowboy in town in Dementia.

He has all the traits of the best cowboy in town

  • A steady hand

  • A look that says so much but not something you can be sure what it is thinking

  • It is true to it’s word

  •  It takes Pride in his work

  • A true perfectionist 

It doesn’t mind who it  consumes and takes out it…

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Guest Post: A good posture by CHAPE

If you’re sitting at a desk writing for hours on end these exercises are as important as your other tools of the trade. This reblog comes from two extraordinary bloggers: MiddleMe and Chape.


I know you love CHAPE‘s previous post and I love his healthy outlook in life and how he improves our lives stuck in the office cubicle, typing furiously in order to finish that dreaded report before you can go home. I have tried his exercise and kept to it religously to relive my constant shoulder ache due to mostly bad posture on my part. So here’s a great post to help you and me to ease those aches out of our lives.

If we have been working behind a desk for hours, the best we can do is take a break, focus on those muscles that have not been working, and help our body to keep a good posture. Although sitting in front a screen is not a hard activity, some muscles are working while others aren´t. We have to take care of those forgotten muscles if we don´t…

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