Read these shameful figures and cast your votes with an eye on the future. The corruption didn’t happen overnight and it isn’t going to change in one election cycle…but we can start the process now! End the For Profit Prison System.



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7 thoughts on “EDUCATE TO LIBERATE……

    1. Yes. There is so much more at stake in this election than who becomes President. One of the great lies about our political system is that the President sets the national agenda but that’s not true…it’s Congress that makes and changes law. The composition of Congress is matter of life and death for many of our most vulnerable citizens.

      Tell Republicans In Congress: Don’t Cut Free Lunches For Poor Children I love the Orwellian doublespeak of our Republican Elites. They call food deprivation, The Improving Child Nutrition And Education Act.

      This is exactly what the adult abusers of children do. They punch kids in the guts for their own good.

      We have to stop this.


    1. The U.S. took a wrong turn when our leaders decided in the 1970’s that the problem was not the incipient corruption that is now in full flower but rather ‘too much democracy’ brought on by a pesky over-educated rabble that fully expected to govern themselves and to create lives that they felt were worth living. When I think about the innocent people we’ve locked away to enrich the misery merchants who run our for profit prison system it makes me physically ill.


  1. I’m am so with you on this. Yes, people need to be punished for crimes but there is a bigger picture that we need to look at to solve the problem long term and do something productive 🙂


    1. Oh I agree with you–but what’s happened here is OUR conservative part which has it’s roots in the Old Confederacy is ever on the lookout for new ways to make slaves. Cutting education and turning our prisons into plantations is not about punishing crimes; it’s about abusing power and indulging the toxic racism that will probably drive the U.S. to it’s death as a democracy.


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