It’s Time to End this War on the Children of the Poor!

Art by Rob Goldstein
1 in 5 Kids in the U.S. goes hungry

48.8 million Americans—including 16.2 million children— live in households that lack the means to get enough nutritious food.

So what do the Capitalist Theocrats  of the 114th Congress want to do about it?

They want to raise eligibility limits because God help us if the child of an average guy gets a dime that her Father hasn’t ‘really’ earned.

Unearned income we reserve for the Master.

The most despicable aspect of this toxic legislation is the polite language used to describe a Congressional decision to abuse our children by starving them.

They call it The Improving Child Nutrition And Education Act.

The Improving Child Nutrition And Education Act comes from Indiana House Rep. Todd Rokita, a Tea Party Republican with a history of cutting public spending, despite any negative consequences, and diverting money from public schools to alternatives.

If you think our Nation’s children deserve better than this please sign this petition and this November vote Child Abuse out of our State and Federal Government.

If you sign it please pass it on…


19 thoughts on “It’s Time to End this War on the Children of the Poor!

    1. It’s the same exhaustion I feel when I’m in the presence of an addict in denial.

      Everyone else can see the damage the addiction causes. In this case we have a nation of money junkies…Most of whom live in poverty because of their asinine choices in leaders.

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  1. In this day and age there is no excuse for a child to go hungry …………………..
    Nothing anyone could say otherwise will ever convince me…NO NEED AT ALL FOR A CHILD TO GO HUNGRY …….OR ANYONE ANYWHERE TO GO HUNGRY..IT IS A GAME TO THEM..POLITICAL GAIN GAME…..

    Hey My Dear One
    Hope today is treating you good and all is going well for you…

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    1. I agree. I’m not nostalgic for the ‘old days’ but I wouldn’t mind a return to the meaningful morality of taking care post natal life. I find all this right to life blather from people who don’t give a crap about the living insufferable.

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      1. I completely understand what you mean.. i feel the same way.. everyone is out for one person and that’s them one helps anyone anymore ..
        nope people don’t care for the poor or less able no one is willing to go out of the way to help anyone anymore not like they used to back then…

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      1. But especially shameful for a country that is swimming in resources —

        The poverty in the U.S. is a poverty of spirit which is in part rooted in the misguided belief that regulating one’s genitals is the same as living a moral life.

        I’ve not seen any evidence that this is true but it’s certainly easier than taking moral responsibility for the human consequences of indulging in greed.

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    1. One of the lies that we accept as a given in the U.S. is that electing the right President is all that matters.

      Actually it’s Congress that matters.

      Imagine what Obama might have accomplished if the folks that elected him had bothered to give him a Congress.

      It’s so weird to watch this happen. It happened to Clinton too…

      And of course the other great lie that not voting is a viable way of showing disdain for corrupti0n…Actually its the best way to keep the corruption in power.

      When honorable people don’t vote dishonorable people take power.

      Real politics means taking the power that you can take and going for more with each election cycle.

      If all we do is end these punitive and arbitrary cuts to the domestic budget we save lives even if we have a ‘Clinton’ as President.

      I want Sanders to win it all but if that’s not going to happen then I’ll settle for easing some pain.

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    1. Thank you for trying to sign it.

      If there was ever such a thing as ‘compassion fatigue’ then I must be suffering from ‘greed and mendacity’ fatigue.

      I just can’t stand anymore of this BS from people who are actually smart enough to know better, and if they aren’t smart enough to know better they have no business having the power to make decisions that damage the lives of helpless people.

      I’m just sick of it…and I suspect I’m not alone.

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