Life is Not Always a Matter of Holding Good Cards

This is a powerful letter from a young man in Prison.

My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison

life is not a matter of holding good cards

November 3, 2011

Hello mom,

I’m sorry about just now writing back. Things have been crazy these past few weeks.  We’re on lockdown right now.  They’ve been looking for weapons, drugs and phones.  A lot of inmates have been tested for drugs and coming up dirty.  It’s crazy mom,  because so many different drugs come through this unit.  It’s the officers that’s bringing it in, but if someone tells on the officer they get punished.

Okay now, I got moved from E pod 76 cell to 49.  Now get this – 49 cell is in the corner. On top of that the dude next to me has seizures, too.  I don’t know if it’s from epilepsy like me.  Just yesterday, on the second I had a seizure.  It was in the morning when it happened.  Later that night, after I went to sleep I woke up to get a drink. …

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Brutal Streets

Words as sharp as knives…

Mary's Musings.....

Brutal Streets

Trapped, gunned down; brutal streets

it’s even the kids now; elementary.

Just learning cursive and what is a noun….

it’s a person, place, and thing

like a nine year old in an alley shot with a gun.

Lured, captured and executed in a city cage

by the ruthless, the heartless, the true thug.

Brutal streets compete

one better than another

who’s hands more bloody?

Mortal wounds to the community

abrasive, aggressive, harsh

Brutal streets so unnecessary~

Hearts broke candles lit

another in the mortuary,

prayers in our churches, prayers in the street; vigil

Stunned, while silent tears fall for

another life loss so unbelievably.

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My Skin

Art by Rob Goldstein
My Skin

Take a look at my body
Look at my hands
There’s so much here
That I don’t understand
Your face saving promises
Whispered like prayers

I don’t need them

Cause I’ve been treated so wrong
I’ve been treated so long
As if I’m becoming untouchable

Natalie Merchant
My Skin
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“He Had Fresh Head Injuries”: What Ohio Has Been Doing to Mentally Ill Boys

If you think that the refusal to re-open the State Hospitals and mandating treatment is about ‘protecting’ the rights of the mentally ill, you’re wrong.


January 15, 2015January 15, 2015

“He Had Fresh Head Injuries”: What Ohio Has Been Doing to Mentally Ill Boys

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“He Had Fresh Head Injuries”: What Ohio Has Been Doing to Mentally Ill Boys

Parents can’t keep children alone in their rooms for 1,964 hours. But Ohio allegedly does.

| Thu Apr. 3, 2014 8:49 AM EDT


An Ohio juvenile correctional facility placed a child, who was on suicide watch and psychiatric medication, in solitary confinement for 1,964 hours between April and September of last year, according to the Department of Justice. Referred to as “K.R.” in court documents, the boy’s longest uninterrupted stretch of solitary confinement lasted about 19 days. And his experience isn’t unique: Four juvenile correctional facilities in Ohio imposed almost 60,000 hours of solitary confinement on 229 boys…

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