Concerned Puerto Rico Student Pens “Open Questions To All U.S. Christians”

An open question to U.S. christians: So, did we learn nothing from 1930’s Germany? #Trump

Goodbye Sally Brampton

Wanting to die (or ‘suicidal ideation’as the experts would have it) goes hand in hand with the illness. It is a symptom of severe depression, not a character failing or moral flaw. Nor is it, truly, a desire to die so much as a fervent wish not to go on living. All depressives understand that distinction.”

Rage and Panic

With most chronic illness there are times when one lives in the symptoms.

If DID was chronic back pain then this past month has been all about managing  breakthrough pain.

In therapy we are talking about the AIDS Epidemic.

Part of me remembers the 1980’s as a time when the ‘establishment’ passively and purposely did nothing about AIDS while gay men died.

Part of me remembers the 1980’s as a time when I belonged to the radical gay literary scene in San Francisco.

Part of me remembers all the 1980’s but has no feelings about it.

I’m that part.

Am I the host personality?

I have a sense of the whole and something is different and it hurts and feeling it feels like dying.

My therapist thinks that panic attacks are the way I cope with rage; I was not allowed to have anger as a child so I have fear instead.

These panic attacks used to happen only when I left my apartment, now they happen anywhere, and always without warning.

My heart pounds, the room spins and starts to go dark and I think that this must surely be my death,  but it passes.

I wake up in dread; my mind turns to thoughts of old friends but the friend I see is long dead.

I see the face of my wonderful William who was only 25 and too full of life to die.

He was so frightened.

His hands were so cold.

He would only be in his late 50’s if he had lived.

Rage and panic.

What is now and what is then?

Sometimes I don’t know.


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