Obama Alienates Millions with Pro-Knowledge Remarks

I loved this headline so much I had to share it:

Obama Alienates Millions with Incendiary Pro-Knowledge Remarks


Art by Rob Goldstein
Obama Makes Vile Pro-Knowledge Remarks

President Obama handed the Republican Party a gift for the general election by making a series of offensive pro-knowledge remarks at Rutgers University over the weekend, a leading Republican official said on Monday.

According to Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, the President’s inflammatory comments, in which he offered full-throated praise for such controversial fields of knowledge as math and science, are sure to come back to haunt the Democrats in November. “If President Obama was trying to alienate millions of Americans in one speech, mission accomplished,” Priebus told Faux News…

“…The President seems to be doubling down on this, which is not surprising,” Priebus said. “This is a man who never met a fact he didn’t like.”

The R.N.C. chairman said that the Party was already creating negative ads that would make extensive use of the President’s polarizing pro-knowledge rant.

“This fall, we will ask the American people, ‘Do you want four more years of knowledge, or do you want something else?’ ” Priebus said. “Because the Republican Party has something else.


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22 thoughts on “Obama Alienates Millions with Pro-Knowledge Remarks

  1. I feel bad because y0u and I are opposites on this. Only look back at the younger Bush men to know who is not knowledgable! Obama brought light and hope to an ignorant country. I will wish I could move if Trump and his hatred and ignorance gets voted into office. Sad to see this, Rob. . . 😦 😦

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    1. LOL! There he goes again speaking in whole non-self referential sentences.

      The President demonstrates integrity. I don’t think people understand that one of the President’s jobs is the enforcement of Federal Law.
      We don’t really know where Obama stands on the question of transgendered people as a person, but as President he represents all the citizens
      of the United States. He understand that Americans who are also Transgender are citizens and that he is charged with protecting their rights
      under federal law.

      The ultimate hypocrisy of the current Dixie-crat GOP is that it represents the pick and choose Constitution of the Old Confederacy
      even as it smears its opposition as traitors to the Constitution.

      I wish more Americans understood that the American Civil War was about more than ending slavery.

      It was also about ending the cast system that played host to slavery.

      What is the difference between the Union and the Confederacy?

      Those of us in our 60’s have seen both.

      Roosevelt’s New Deal Versus Reagan’s Morning in America.

      People in affordable housing versus the sick and disabled dying on the streets.

      That’s the difference between a Democracy and a Confederacy.

      We needed to end the Caste system in the South and the American Civil War failed to do that.

      40 years after Reagan and decades of the GOP control of Congress we have recreated the caste system most conducive to making slaves in its new form: cheap labor.

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