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I Wanna Be Loved by You
Marilyn Monroe
Some Like It Hot
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21 thoughts on “Flapper

  1. Wow Timing …
    I just watched a documentary about her life….sad, suspicious and again suspicious … I feel like this song ..She just wanted to be truly loved!!!..and taken more serious …instead of a sex symbol ..more torn I think..
    Oh my friend I haven’t forgotten to get back to you on your other blog post just how fuckin WP does there shittt I have to go look for it now since it has scrolled down the list as I was typing my response to you….I hate that….Does yours do that..??? please say yes my dear lol so I don’t think I AM THE ONLY ONE..LOL

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      1. YES some strange shitters going on for sure…lol
        They keep changing things how in the hell am I ever going to learn lol..I mean how long can I keep saying I am newbie lmao ….it just won’t work if I keep saying that then they look and see how long I have been on here and should know more than I really do…
        how is your night or day going?? where you at by the way?? state??

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      2. First off Good morning Robert!!!!
        Oh that is not good news for me then lol.. If you are still learning than all hope just went out the window for me lololol…..
        OH that I remember now that you reminded me lol sorry head injury takes it’s toll on me sometimes then add fibro or Lupus fog hell I forget my own name if it wasn’t on here j/k lol
        Hope today treats you good and that you have a wonderful day..
        Been years since I’VE been to California where I was born and all…

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      3. I understand how a chronic or a set of chronic conditions interfere with learning. Some of the reason it has taken this long is that my illness will suddenly become symptomatic and that causes me to lose time. So there are days when I get nothing done on this blog. I think that if you have these health problems then it is wise to give yourself extra time. Whatever you do, don’t compare your blog to the blogs of people who don’t have health problems. It is demoralizing and not fair to yourself.

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      4. WOW thank you for sharing so much with me…I don’t feel as alone knowing this..I can relate to the loss of time too and sit here and overwhelmed or you name it and not get anything done then before you know it, it’s bedtime and now I am agitated since I didn’t get anything done lol I hate the cycle …
        It’s still hard for me even after ALL these years for me to remember that it is ok not to get the hang of something that would have just took once to read and I would get it…Not anymore..BUT THAT IS OK!!! I am learning to ask for help as well..I just would like to play around with things on here but then I don’t want to mess it up lol..But I have to play to learn…and YES GIVE MYSELF EXTRA TIME FOR ME IT WILL NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT !!!!..
        YES I understand what you are saying and thank you such GREAT ADVICE (thank you for saying this) I get it..I do see blogs and wish wow look how kool it looks how they have this or that …I am NOT HERE FOR WHAT PEOPLE ARE CALLING STATS AND NUMBERS I am here just to write what ever hits me that day and read other blogs and learn and meet AMAZING people like you my dear one… : ) I could not compare myself to others since we are all different in each and every way but I see what you are saying like the pressure of doing 6 post a day or things like that maybe lol I just post when I am ABLE …Not here to please anyone except myself…and if others don’t like it they don’t have to read my blog lololol…Thank you for reminding myself about not comparing like I said not in that sense but in any way shape or form..that would be to much pressure and hard for me to ..
        Thank you so much for understanding and the great advice.. You have always been so kind and it doesn’t go unnoticed my friend…


      5. Three years ago I had no confidence. One of the reasons I got stuck with a narcissist was that I kept looking for people to ‘save’ me and ‘help me’ because I didn’t even have the confidence to use twitter. That kind of neediness is like blood in shark infested water. I think it’s ok to want to have a large readership, because readers and their comments are the payoff for the brain wracking exercise of writing. It’s also OK to not have 50 or 60 thousand readers or even 2000. I opened the blog in the Fall of 2013 and then shut it down. I didn’t re-open it until the Summer of 2014 and didn’t start blogging daily until the Spring of 2015. So it’s taken me almost three years to figure out that I can do this for myself. It helps that I have an excellent therapist and a loving partner. When I first got sick in 2009 I lost all confidence in myself and I was confused.

        Never give up. Set standards that are realistic for you and give yourself permission to take the breaks you need and to make mistakes.

        Eventually you will find a style and a voice that is yours.



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