Flickr Wednesday: Charles Gothard

Charles is a new contact on Flickr.

Here is what he writes in his profile:

Flickr has enabled me to view and learn from some of the most talented and amazing artists and photographers. These people are awesome..!



Imagine John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Imagine- John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Spring in Tucson

Spring in Tucson

Abstract Tie Dye Dragon Fly

Abstract- Tie Dye Dragon Fly



Buddha Siddhartha and the Red Lotus

Buddha- Siddhartha and the Red Lotus

Prana The Breath of Life

Abstract- Prana The Breath of Life

Eye in The Storm

Eye in The Storm

Sunset with clouds

Sunset with clouds

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin


May peace come to Trayvon Martin’s family.
And may forgiveness arrive to their hearts…
And may all human beings come to realize equality and liberty,
and live free from persecution and the brutality of ignorance and

5 thoughts on “Flickr Wednesday: Charles Gothard

  1. Hi Rob, I see that you’ve highlighted some of my efforts in your Flickr Wednesday post.. I’m truly honored.. Thanks.!
    I’m a new subscriber to your blog, and have been enjoying your newer posts.. especially regarding your posts concerning issues of mental health..
    I believe mental health is one of those subjects, especially in the gay community, which is under emphasized and less attended to by social organizations specializing in gay activism and community support.. They emphasize equal rights, but they seem to neglect the issues of Silent Suffering that many gay men and women endure..
    There is a wonderful safety net for men and women with HIV, who suffer with mental health issues. However, many of us, disabled aging gay people, who don’t have HIV, we simply fall through the cracks in the system.. We don’t qualify for affordable mental heath services..

    Many of us fall through the cracks in the system.. We suffer in silence, neglected by the systems meant to help our community.. Mental health seems to be a low priority for gay activists and gay social programs if the patient does not have HIV…
    We are relegated to suffering in silence.. We live isolated lives.. Many of us fall victim to substance abuse and chemical dependency… we self medicate because there is no affordable safety net available…

    Rob, it’s refreshing to see that you are OUT-and-PROUD and outspoken regarding mental health issues.. I will continue to enjoy your blog and future posts..

    Thanks for being here, and thanks once again for including some of my little doodles in your Flickr Wednesday blog..

    HUGS, with sincerity…
    Charles Gothard

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    1. Thank you, Charles.

      I’m out about the mental illness but not always proud. Your words of encouragement gives me a sense of accomplishment, if not pride. It was a pleasure to have a chance to view your stream. Thank you for being this week’s Flickr Wednesday!


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