Me and My Simboard

Art by Rob Goldstein
Me and My Simboard.

The first thing I bought when I joined SL was a simboard.

A simboard is like a skateboard that flies and it’s just as cool.

When I go into SL to simboard I totally go in which means that when I fly I feel like I’m flying

It’s what I do when I want to think.

I started doing tricks to music in 2010 and eventually I customized the board so I could do better tricks.

One of the reasons we keep a parcel in SL is so I can have a safe space to fly.

You need room to simboard.

Art by Rob Goldstein

I always wanted to make a video of one of my simboard sessions but none of them looked right.

To me, even the best avatars look like little trolls on video.

When we started learning to make slide shows I wondered if I could make a video slideshow that showed how simboarding feels to me so I started going in and taking still shots.

It took a few session but I finally got shots I liked.

My favorite mix for flying is the Essential Mix by Roger Sanchez but that’s too long for a video.

So I went with Someday We’ll Be Together by the Supremes.

It’s funny. I never listen to the Supremes when I Simboard.

I bet the song is Sara’s doing.

Anyway,  here’s my video. 🙂

Diana Ross & The Supremes
Someday We’ll Be Together
Community Audio

26 thoughts on “Me and My Simboard

  1. Hi Bobby you look swell, I used to ride a skateboard in the 1970s with my kids, simboarding must be like flying, and I bet it was Sara who picked the music. Rob it all comes together quite well and it’s not so trollish.

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  2. some day a future species will find this and he will be revered and even more monumental than she is at the very moment now


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