You see, it’s like the ending of ‘Psycho’

In therapy today we touched on the weird inner world of the pathological narcissist.

The one that swiped my Flickr group has opened a WordPress account
to fave my  blog entries.

I recognized her face from the Psycho looking selfie she uses as an avatar.

Art by Rob Goldstein
You see, It’s like the ending of Psycho

I said to my therapist, “I don’t follow her. In fact, because of my DID, I’ve mostly forgotten her.”

I know who she is and why we don’t speak but those memories are like the memories of a group of snapshots.

If you hurt me, I mostly forget you.

“So why is she doing this?” I asked.  “To get attention?”

You see, it’s like the ending of Psycho,” replied my therapist.  “Norman is gone and what’s left is his malignant narcissist of a Mother who thinks that not killing the fly will prove her good intentions. This Narcissist thinks that opening a WordPress account to give points to your blog demonstrates her goodness  It’s as if she’s saying, look at how kind I am, I’m not even swatting this fly.”

I laughed,  “So she adopts the public personae of a psychopath to show people how nice she is? Does she know it’s not working?”

No,” replied my therapist. “That’s what makes her a psychopath.


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  1. He totally was! I guess I had a different exposure to pathological persons, which does me no good for feeling at ease with your situation. But I am glad it is not a dangerous situation. 🙂

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      1. Robin G and another guy from the Chicago rip.per cr.ew was arrested one week after spending the summer working at our house. The man will be out soon and it still freaks me out because he is a nutcase. He is not innocent. These are the types of people I am talking about in pathological form.

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      2. Wow! That’s scary!

        I think that some of the behavior we see online is only contained by the distances between people. I know that many of these people go out of their way to destroy online reputations but even that is more difficult for them to do as more people learn to ask whyTF anyone would feel compelled to talk smack about someone no one really knows. That said, many of these internet trolls are members of families and communities. I hope that in real life they are more constrained but the truth is that anyone who knowingly tries to abuse someone online who is public about having a mental illness is probably much much worse in everyday life. A few years ago I learned that a couple I had met in Second Life and decided to avoid were arrested for starving their daughter. They had side by side computers and were so lost in their VR fantasy that they ‘forgot’ to feed her. I suspect that these online narcissists make more than one life miserable in every day life.


    1. Years ago I dismissed the ‘classic case of split personality’ explanation at the close of ‘Psycho’ and an offensive cop-out. However we now know that serious physical and sexual trauma in early childhood can cause the developing personality to fragment and we know that narcissistic parents attempt to sexually and psychologically annihilate their children. So, in light of what we know about abuse and trauma in 2016 Hitchcocks explanation was a bit ahead of its time.

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      1. Dang, I wish I could remember the first well documented case. I watched the movie on it but can’t remember the name. I had a friend who suffered this condition due to occult trauma in youth and severe sexual abuse. Another movie before it’s time is called The Pawnbroker that deals with PTSD. It is one of those movies that hits the nail on the head in so many ways just through the acting. And Hitchcock was one of those progressive artists that symbolically death with trauma. Incidentally, I just watched The Birds again after so many years. What a great movie!

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      2. Amazing that we can continue to have little insights into a director’s intentions throughout our lives.

        I guess that’s the mark of a great work of art.

        It didn’t occur to me until I wrote this post that Norman’s last name is a play on words…in this case a slang term for masturbation.

        Hitchcock was damned edgy.

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      3. Get out, really? lol. Never thought of that in the movie. But then again, with a name like Hitchcock, how could he not be used to making subtle references hehe

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      4. LOL! I didn’t make the connection until I saw the term in use in apiece of flash fiction. We had several hundred slang terms for it when I was a teen and ‘bate’ was one of them. Even if it’s not true it should be…LOL That was the difference between the original and the remake. Hitchcock could not show us what Norman is doing as he watches Marion through the peephole–

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  2. Ooh….chilling words but so true. Malevolence is so often disguised as “goodness.”
    BTW…did you get your “Sunshine” award alert from me? I can’t flick you or ping you, so I just put it in a comment. (I’m SO computer challenged….LOL)

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    1. When one stops to consider the lengths to which a narccisist will go to keep the mask of perfection in place it’s comic.

      I won’t link to the fake account she’s made but if you were to see it it would make you laugh because it’s so transparently designed as a form of harassment. No, I’ve not gotten the nomination but I will look for it…and thank you!


  3. So your reach has increased, your ability to touch others – enhanced.
    Not the greatest way to happen, I’m sure .. and maybe I’m just searching for “the silver lining” to the storm cloud. I only know you are able to weather whatever the storm.

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    1. As I get healthier I find that situations that used to trigger me are no longer powerful. I think that I’m blessed with a sense of hope. It’s hard to destroy people who have faith in their right to exist. Thanks for the comment Marcus.

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