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  1. Rob, as we have discussed on our two blogs and comments. The truth goes deeper. Since January 2009, when Obama took office, the stock market has more than doubled, we have the 5th longest economic growth period in out country soon to be 4th, we have net jobs created that will be over 10 million by the time he leaves office, and more folks have access to healthcare and consumer financial protection. We also sold more cars in the US in 2015 than ever before. What the GOP does not want people to know is the party in the White House where the economy grows the most, the stock market performs the best and more jobs are created is the Democrat party and it is not even close. Yes, we have problems, but the party who steers the best economy, as supported by data, is not the GOP. So, their message is poor and needs a distraction says this former Republican. Keith

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    1. But what about the integrity of our nation’s bathrooms and the safety of those bathrooms for children that still have schools to attend? What about the ones that don’t get shot at those schools? They might live to have to use a bathroom! How do we have to protect them from the evil TG’s that don’t exist anywhere else but Faux News.

      The thing that makes the TG in the ladies room hysteria especially stupid is that TG’s have been pissing in the ladies room in the U.S. since Christine Jorgenson stepped off of her plane on February 13, 1953. Christine Jorgenson
      Wiki Entry Christine Jorgenson

      In fact, male to female transgenders have been around since 1920 when Rudolph Richter became Dora Richter in Berlin.

      The first famous trans woman was Lili Ilse Elvenes who transitioned in 1930.

      Lili Elbe

      Wiki Entry: Lili Elbe

      I’ve known post-op trans women since at least the 1960’s when Gordon Langley Hall moved to Charleston South Carolina and became Dawn Langley Hall

      I know with certainty that Dawn used the ladies room because I often ran into her at the Woolworth’s lunch counter and we’d chat. People were more concerned about the fact that she married her African-American Chauffeur.


      It’s time for some adults to take charge of Washington. This nation is dying from the insanity of a minority party that uses divisive hate rhetoric to dispossess the people.


      1. Fear sells. In 2014, it was Ebola. Of course, the same crowd who got elected using that cut the Zika virus funding (which is a greater scare in our southeastern states) by 2/3 in the House and 1/2 in the Senate.

        Here in NC, there are two unconstitutional features to our transgender law HB2 and it includes a provision that ALL employees or former employees (regardless of race, gender, etc.) cannot bring suit against their employer for discrimination in NC State court anymore and must use the more expensive and time consuming Federal Court. The latter is not illegal, but people do not realize that their rights have been taken away.

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      2. …I hate to say this because I am a Southerner and many of the people I’ve loved the most were born and raised in the South. Many of them still live there. But I often feel as if that region of the U.S. behaves politically like a different country; in many ways it behaves like an enemy of democracy. I know that’s a broad brush and somewhat offensive but can it possibly be more offensive then writing legislation that dehumanize whole populations of people?


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