Watch Out for Snakes

Art by Rob Goldstein
Watch Out For Snakes


Art by Rob Goldstein
Comment 12-21-2015

From July to December of last year a narcissist was comment bombing me.

That was when I completed the abstract, Watch Out For Snakes.

I got as many as twelve long diatribes a week and made
screenshots before deleting them unread.

I went through my screenshots tonight and re-read that comment.

It’s pure word salad.

When I first met the narcissist I was drawn to what I wanted to
think was a child like imagination.

On some level I must have known that what I’d met was another
self-centered two-year old that as an adult turns vicious.

I laugh as I read the comment now and yet I have mixed feelings.

The primary symptom of narcissism is the delusional idea that
everyone else must agree that he is obviously superior.

Eventually everyone finds something about the narcissist
to question.

It’s when you question the narcissist that they turn on you.

Add lack of empathy and what you get is an entitled sociopath.

The narcissist thinks he can beat everyone into submission and
he tries until everyone who might love his sorry ass goes away.

The narcissist never knows the cleansing that comes from giving a
heartfelt apology or the grace of being forgiven.

I suppose I can thank God that all I’ve got to deal with is DID.

You can treat DID.

I don’t know how you can treat someone who doesn’t know that
the brilliant comment he’s just posted is utter nonsense.

If you have any ideas on how we can heal the narcissist please leave them.

Disclaimer: the screenshot in this post is of a public comment. This was not a private email.

Words and image by Rob Goldstein (c) 2016
Text on the screenshot by The Narcisist


Art by Rob Goldstein


in the seconds

before I am in
my body

before I wake

into shifting



when I
bring my



my chest
and fold my

into each




we are

One person
Under God

what I want is

the kindness
of humility;




a clear

and civil




RG 2014