If it’s Benghazi or Hillary’s Email, Talk to The Hand

Art by Rob Goldstein
If it’s Benghazi or Hillary’s Email, talk to the hand


I was going to leave this on a Facebook post as a reply to someone who
wanted to string up Hillary over Benghazi and that oh so convenient
Email scandal.

I posted it but took it down because I have no interest in using Facebook
for political debates.

I post it here because Selective Conservative Outrage Syndrome is on
a long list of crap I can’t suffer in silence anymore.

As far as I’m concerned Benghazi is now covered under Godwin’s Law.

The first person to use it loses the debate.

Will my fellow Citizens in the so-called red states ever wake up to the
fact that they’ve been had?

Your leaders use your passions to convince you to vote against your
lives and now you’re pissed because you have nothing.

Here’s a secret that my right-wing Grandfather told me: regulated capitalism is NOT socialism. 

Benghazi is another cynical ploy in a long string of cynical ploys designed to distract you from the devastation of decades of a failed experiment in unregulated capitalism.

The poor aren’t your enemies.

The majority of you are now poor!

Don’t you see it?

 Scandal mongering and smear campaigns are not a political platform.

Talk to me about the injustice of sending men and women in the prime of their lives to fight a war for profit and voting to take away funding for the services they need when they come home.

Talk to me about how you want to use your government and our economic system to improve your lives and the lives of your children.

Talk to me about schools.

Talk to me about jobs.

Talk to me about how we as people will care for our parents
and grandparents as they age and weaken.

Talk to me rationally about any aspect of our political process and it’s impact on the quality of our lives.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Talk to me about how you want to use your government and our economic system to improve the quality of our lives

But spare me your irrational Fox News inspired outrage over Benghazi and Hillary’s email.

If it’s about Benghazi or Hillary’s email, talk to the hand



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