Hillary Clinton’s Take Down of Donald Trump

You don’t have to love Hillary Clinton to appreciate the clarity
of her argument or the power of this video.

I found this video on Facebook.

Yes, I’m voting for Bernie on Tuesday.

But if Hillary is the nominee, this video makes it easier
for me to accept her as my President.

27 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Take Down of Donald Trump

  1. She did a great job in presenting the differences between the two. I was speaking with a moderate Republican legislator today who sees Trump for what he is and sees clear daylight between he and Clinton, with her being a much better, but not perfect candidate. Since our country is largely uninformed about global matters, two things are meaningful that should be brought up. Our allied leaders are outspoken in their support of Clinton and against Trump. This is unheard of as normally they are less vocal. Trump does have the support of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, two folks who would not be described as stalwarts of democracy and honest dealings.

    The other thing is Clinton’s global cache is strong, and as a woman, will lead and has led by example to all those women and girls who have been maltreated around the globe. You follow my blog, so you know that I see treating women as equals and tapping their intellectual capital will help our world better address poverty, climate change and water crisis. Some places are competing in a world with only half their resources. How do they know that little girl they sold intp prostitution would not be the one who had an idea to solve a water or food problem?

    If people dismiss this, I would mention that our female naval officers made a huge impression on Iraqi soldiers and civilians. Women with authority and exemplars and aid in breaking down barriers. Clinton’s presidency would have a huge impact in this regard.

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    1. Thank you Keith. I think that many of Clinton’s perceived flaws are the result of a decades long smear campaign. I also note that Bernie supporters are more like Trump supporters than they care to acknowledge.

      I agree with everything Sanders has to say but he is not the messiah which is how I see him referred to in progressive social media.

      The messiah in a democracy is an active and informed voting public that takes the job of self government seriously.

      Obama was the messiah until his supporters decided he wasn’t and hung him out to dry by not voting in the mid-terms which enabled the extreme right to take congress.

      I find it deeply frustrating that so many people don’t understand this moment.

      If Sander’s supporters decide to go with their black and white thinking and Trump takes the Presidency the
      Confederacy will have completed it’s usurpation of our government and we may never get it back.

      They will also have sacrificed those on the margins to another eight years of the economic policies of social Darwinism that is killing them.

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      1. That is why it is essential for Bernie’s supporters to rally around Clinton. I understand your point about some similarities between Sanders and a Trump supporters, but I do think they will see Trump for what he is. If they don’t it is truly up to Sanders to tell them. I always enjoy reading your perspective. Keith

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      2. I think that Bernie understands what’s at stake. I also think that he knows that he has to enter that convention with a winning hand in order to force her to adopt some of his platform.

        I also think it’s important for the supporters of Hillary and Bernie to understand that neither of these people are Gods.

        Electing one person won’t solve the problem.

        If the message doesn’t survive the messenger then it hasn’t been heard.

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  2. I voted for Bernie, too. I’ll take anyone who is not Trump, thanks.
    I’ve never felt so utterly frightened about my own country before. It seems to have begun like a good joke but it has quickly escalated into something truly terrifying.
    Since I know you know narcissism, I know you understand better than most.

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    1. Right. Trump is a classic narcissist. I shudder to think what that says about his supporters or the political party that has dominated American politics for over 40 years. It’s terrifying because they feed on the pain of other people,

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      1. I have a number of theories, some of it related to the pathology that attends substance abuse. I think that one of the negative consequences of the age of the ‘drug culture’ was enabling. Quite simply, we became a nation of enablers.

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      2. Interesting. I can see the spark of that.

        The thing is, Trump goes against so many other things that people seem to love. Like, the contradictions in them are astounding. They revere something, but when Trump hates it, they don’t bat an eye. Take John McCain and the POW situation. It’s baffling.

        I wonder, will you write about this enabling theory?

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      3. I’m been composing the enabling theory as I write. One of the connections I’ve made is the similarity between addictive behavior and our political discourse. We have the magical thinking, the deception, the inability to compromise. I wonder if addiction is a substance induced form of pathological narcissism that goes away when the addict engages in recovery.

        The Republican Party adopts a Dixiecrat platform during election cycles. Isn’t it odd to see high profile republican career women raving about the feminist destruction of the family? I think they know it’s all an act. High profile Gay Republicans? High profile Black Republicans? What do they have in common? They all come from or have achieved by dint of gaining access to the right resources a certain degree of privilege. For them the Civil Rights Movements were for the rich. Why should Bush’s daughters have to suffer the indignities of social constraints designed to control peasants? To add to the cognitive dissonance we also must consider all of the educated upper middle class conservative baby boomers who got their educations in well funded pubic schools and subsidized community colleges. Grants and scholarships was a way for other children of that generation to go to some of the better universities, including Yale and Harvard.

        We live in an age of cognitive dissonance. I don’t know what to think when I hear a member of My Generation chastise Millennials as ‘entitled’ because they agree with Bernie Sanders. Their great grandparents agreed with him too which is why so many members of My Generation did so well in life.

        I feel as if politically this is a make or break moment.

        We are either going to do the right thing or we’re going to cop out. Either way a decision will be made for which we will all hold some responsibility. Even those who don’t vote.

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      4. I realize that I forgot to follow up on the double standards of Trump supporters. The Republican Party adopts a Dixiecrat platform during election cycles and they abandon it after they win. They’ve gotten away with this duplicity by using coded words and images; they never actually use the N word, they never openly say ‘I don’t think hopeless crazy people deserve to live.” Instead they use the code words and enact legislation designed to sharpen class divisions in the U.S.

        For thirty years the GOP has fed on the unhappy ignorance and racism of a certain segment of the white population. They’re not the majority but there are enough of them so that the GOP wins if they bring them out while suppressing the democratic vote. I’m sure that many of the most obnoxious and divisive ‘Bernie-bots’ are GOP operatives who are attempting to suppress the vote by dividing democrats. I refuse to believe that any American over the age of 16 thinks that not voting when the stakes are this high is an option in this election cycle. This ‘Dixiecrat’ wing of the Republican Party thought they had their hero in GWB. The people who howled over the pot smoking draft dodging Bill Clinton had orgasms over a fake Texan from Kennebunkport who went AWOL and had a history of Alcoholism. But even Bush understood that the Dixiecrat agenda was just a ruse. Then Obama happened and the GOP base felt betrayed. They’d voted for thirty years for what they thought was a racist, homophobic agenda and all they got for it was more poverty and shorter life-spans. Their attraction to Trump is that he speaks their language. He can say the things he says because he accurately reflects the political philosophy of his supporters; in him, they think they will get a racist form of the new Deal. Dixicrats were not opposed to the New Deal. They were opposed to granting it to African-Americans. As for Trump’s remarks about McCain, don’t forget that supporters of Bush showed up at the 2004 Republican Convention with mocking parodies of John Kerrie’s Purple Heart. I’m glad the mask is finally off.


  3. Anyone who was listening for any length of time can take down Donald Trump. That is the humors part of this thing. Loved the video 🙂

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  4. I, too, am a Sanders supporter. But Hillary? Even vs. Trump I have problems with her “sitting in the Situation Room” and making decisions about my future. Honestly, this November is looking more and more scary for me …

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    1. The GOP is already lining up behind Donald Trump. This is where strategic thinking comes in. If Hillary is the nominee the people must force her to incorporate Bernie’s ideas into her platform. This is what self government is about. It’s the hard work of remaining politically engaged and forcing our representatives to do their jobs. The last time Progressives indulged themselves in ‘none of the above’ we got GWB and hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children lost their lives. Nader’s supporters said Bush would be a one term President. They said Bush couldn’t do that much harm. Bush and his party destroyed the economy and the lives of untold numbers of people. Now those who think that Sanders is the Second Coming have convinced themselves that Trump will be impeached. Why do they think that the corrupt members of a political party that still hasn’t investigated the lies that resulted in our invasion of Iraq will impeach a man who is exactly what they want. Their problem is not with his ideas but with the fact that he doesn’t scent them in sweet euphemisms. Our country is a world power and what we do affects the quality of life for people who have no part in the mess we’ve made of our government. Every day I see photos off children who are dead because of our divided and corrupt political machine.

      I want a President who will order a full investigation of the war in Iraq. I want a President who will act on a mandate for universal health care. I want a President who has a vision of the future that does not include American Imperialism and endless wars. To get that we need an engaged electorate that understands that if we elect a democratic president then we have to show up at the mid-terms and give that President a democratic congress. We need voters who understand that they are the leaders they want and that
      democratic systems do not function unless the voting public is politically engaged 100 percent of the time. November looks scary but for the first time is decades the people of this country are discussing issues that genuinely matter. I find that exciting. Thanks Marcus.

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      1. I would add that Hillary has much better relations and notoriety around the globe with our allies and other leaders. And, being a woman had already be an exemplar for improving woman’s status around the globe; being president would enhance this very consequential need for improvement for women. She is not perfect, but she is far more suited than Trump and brings more to the table on global affairs than Bernie, who I love for his truth telling.

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    1. Yes! My concern was that if she got the nomination she wouldn’t fight as hard as she would have to. This video sets that concern to rest. It doesn’t mean I’m not voting Bernie tomorrow…but it does mean that I feel better about the possibility of a Clinton nomination.

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