Rosanna Rosanna Danna (G-uno)

Heroes of the Revolution: Sam

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Up unto now you have patiently let me explain to you about Sam’s homelife. Today I would like you to know about who Sam was as a human being. He was not only my good friend, but he was my hero. Aside from being incredibly smart Sam was a gifted seamstress. Home Economics for most of us was a filler class in highschool. This was not the case for Sam who absolutely adored two things in life Rosanna Rosanna Danna from Saturday Night Live, and designing women’s clothing. He was a genius with a sewing machine.
Outside of the classroom Sam was the embodiment of the beloved SNL character played by the late Gilda Radner. He dressed like her, spoke like her, and made us all laugh like her. Sam’s talents with the sewing machine did not go unnoticed. In fact he had a pretty good side job doing alterations…

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For You, My Son

I can imagine how it feels to be loved like this by a Mother…and I’m thrilled to know that mothers like this exist. 🙂

A Momma's View

Where did my baby go? The little baby boy I immediately had a deep connection with? I look up and see a wonderful teenage boy. A young man in the making. A young man, a teenage boy I still feel deeply connected to. Somewhere in there, I’m sure, still sits this wonderful little baby boy you were just a couple of years ago. Oh you are still wonderful, don’t get me wrong! You will always be, even when you are a grown up man.

Crazy… if I add the same amount of years to your age now that you already spent on this planet then you actually will be a grown up man…

Time flies. It really does. And I guess you only truly notice when you have kids. Sometimes it’s almost like you walked around the corner and everything is suddenly different. I feel like I could make one…

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