Photograph of a photograph taken in 1976 of two long haired men, one wearing a tee shirt that reads Faggots are fantastic

This is Dedicated to the Troll I Love…

This picture is dedicated to the little homophobe who sends me hate mail with the opening line, “I don’t have a problem with gays, but…”

Of course you don’t have a problem with gays.

You have a problem with the fact that we won and now we can marry.

But we did win.

And we can get married!

So eat that fact, pink boy…Eat it raw.

We kicked your ass. Nothing you can do or say will change that.

We kicked your ass and we’ll keep kicking your ass until you finally figure out that no one cares about you, or your thoughts, or your tiny imaginary hate filled god, or his small-minded fixation on everyone’s genitals.

But I would be lonely if you stopped writing to me.

I like your hate mail.

It reminds me of the hate I got from the closet cases I had sex with in high school.

I guess I was too good for them, too…:)

Rob Goldstein 2015-2016




25 thoughts on “This is Dedicated to the Troll I Love…

  1. Love the pic, I don’t have a problem with trolls but… HaHa. When justice is denied we all lose. I never thought I’d live to see the day when humanity would win this big. If you don’t love then you never live, hate may be an energy but it’s a negative one. Much better to live with positive energies and, this from the heart, lovers are always richer than haters.


    1. Thank you! I’m glad I checked my spam folder because this was in it… Isn’t it amazing to see this blaze of light after so many years of darkness? Yes, humanity won big…let’s hope that when we do the inevitable back step that we don’t go back too far.

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  2. Thank you for the post. And oh my, I absolutely love the photo. So beautiful, free and easy, comfortable and happy people. It just says so much. Priceless. I wish it were mine! 😉 Did you take it?

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  3. I laughed so loudly at the end when you said, “I’d be so lonely…” Rob, I was under the impression that you’re a person. That’s all I need to know. (Pink boy…you’re my hero.)

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