Writer: Find Your True Expression! (Guest Blog)

A guest blog by Eliza at SurvivedNarc

Eye of the Writer

Writer: Find Your True Expression!

Thank you  – @SurvivedNarc

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed“.

– Ernest Hemingway.

Skip vanilla donuts!
So, let’s “bleed”, Hemingway style. Why? Simply because it works. I can testify to that, from my personal blog. I noticed that sometimes my posts wouldn’t get that much attention, only a few likes, even fewer comments. I wondered what was wrong. I looked at the text and couldn’t find any major faults with it. The topic was, or at least should be, interesting to many people. The text was neither too short, nor too long. What was wrong with it? Probably not much. Except: it lacked the heart, the blood and the guts. It was bland. It was – a vanilla donut.

Your audience can have a vanilla donut anytime. They chew it up and forget…

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