53. Thoughts: Orlando & LGBTQ+ Community

A heartfelt tribute

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This is just another post of me rambling about random things that are really bugging me right now.

So, last week, my idol who was a musician, a YouTuber, and a contestant on The Voice that I really loved but never talked about, Christina Grimmie, got shot in Orlando and died. She was on a meet and greet with her fans, and it was kind of made me cry when I read about that news. She truly didn’t deserve that.

On the same week, shootings happened at a gay bar during pride month in Orlando. 50 people died, and 53 people injured.

I just wanted to talk about those two events that happened in the same week.


I have never been so thrown or so torn up, or so deeply impacted by something, as much as this.

I didn’t know these people who died. Obviously there are people out there…

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