When Hate is Normal

A homophobic Meme showing Donald Trump saying, Get in Faggot, We're Making America Great Again
Homophobic Meme found on Twitter

I felt bad for Dan White, the man who gunned down Harvey MIlk and Mayor George Mosocone.

Dan White grew up a world  of that normalized the hatred of LGBTQ people: we were criminals in the eyes of the law, abominations before God and psychopathic deviants to psychiatry.

As Gay liberation began to tear that wall of hatred down Dan White became a pawn in a right-wing game called ‘The Culture Wars’.

His political leaders and ministers told him his honor as a man was under attack; they said gays were a threat to everything men like Dan White revered.

We pretend these broken people don’t exist.

We pretend hate speech enters a void and dissipates.

It doesn’t.

Dan White was a Viet Nam Vet.

Dan White was a devout Catholic.

Dan White had a black and white sense of honor.

The religious leaders and right-wing commentators of his day raged
that fags and liberals like Harvey Milk deserved death.

Political and religious leaders who use hate speech to ‘fire up’ the base know
that some of those people will act on what they hear.

meme of Ted Cruz saying there is no room for athiests and gays in America in a speech at Liberty University.
The cynical use of hate speech to win votes.

Everything Dan White thought was right was wrong and as a result, he’d murdered two good men: he brought shame on himself and his family.

Dan White gassed himself to death in his garage two years after his release from prison in 1985.

I felt bad for Dan White.

I still do.

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First posted Jun 17, 2016 as Turn or Burn, When Hate Becomes Normal

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Ted Cruz quote at Liberty University found on Twitter.