A Litany of Slightest Madness

This is so spot on!

No Talent For Certainty

I’ve always seen what isn’t there,
And so, I’m under doctor’s care;
For through my window eyes I see
Far, far beyond reality

I see the workings of your heart,
How love leaks out in midnight drips;
And how you’d hide it, if you could –
But will and tongue have frequent slips

I’ve felt you kiss me in the night,
In circles all around my face;
But yet, we have not spoken yet,
I guess you need your breathing space

But yet I see the world set free,
And through stone portals, one lone tree,
A sky of blue, a field of green,
And no more bullies. No one mean.

The doctor says I’m very bright,
Her thoughts will be with me tonight;
I view them when she’s not around
You won’t believe what all I’ve found

Her fantasies are very great,
And sometimes, inappropriate;
She also sees what…

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We’re All Serial Killers Now.

In mental health awareness, although we have moved forward, it seems now the term ‘mental illness’ has become synonymous with depression and anxiety alone. More complex illness such as Bipolar and Schizophrenia are rarely referred to or spoken about, maybe because they are illnesses you may not recover from, so less easy to swallow by a society who wants neat, sanitized versions of everything, where you get ill and get well and life goes back to how it was before.